Serious Athletes, Not-So-Serious Style

By Mallory Brooks – November 1, 2015

It must take having a screw loose to do what we do for fun. Trail runners thrive on getting filthy, and it's not uncommon to lose toenails. Some of the hard-core trail races take multiple days to complete. 

But it’s where we feel free and childish again, as we jump into puddles and bound over boulders. I often have to fight back the urge to throw my arms straight out to my side as though I am a fighter plane, looping around for another shot at the enemy. These trails are my video game. Just like the gamers of the world, some may question our way of life, and even more likely, our style.

Whether it’s for functional, traditional, or trendy reasons, we all dress in a way that helps us feel more connected, like we are part of something. Cyclists squeeze into brand-laden lycra, frat boys pop their collar, golfers sport the argyle socks. We want something to identify our ilk by. It seems that after body builders laid claim to the muscle shirt and motorcyclists had dibs on the leather jacket, trail runners must have been left with slim pickings, because the following are what we decided to use as a way to tell the world, "Yeah, I run trails."

Head torch
Where we run, there are no street lights.

Trucker hat
Protects your dome from sun and screams, "I don't follow trends. I stand out. I am….wait. Whats that? Gucci makes trucker hats?"

Belt buckle
The coveted token of a 100+ mile trail race that leaves you asking the question, "When exactly IS it appropriate to wear this thing?"

Crossing our fingers that this trend fades away just as quickly as its hem unravels.

Maximalist shoes
Because who doesn't like the feeling of running on clouds?


Full brim hat
If it's good enough for the first place female at Western States, its good enough for all the hopefuls.

French press
Because although we don't take anything very seriously, we certainly don't joke around when it comes to quality coffee…or craft beer.

Hydration pack
Always be prepared for the detour that may delay you by a few hours…or day.

Plaid shirt
Borrowed from the lumberjack…or the Scottie dog. Added bonus: It can be taken off and used for an impromptu game of checkers.

Minimalist shoes
Because who wants to look like they are wearing maximalist shoes?


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