Stocking Stuffers

By AFM Staff – December 1, 2015
photography by Natalie Yerkovich

Hair Warrior $4
Frequent exercise means frequent showering, which isn’t great for your hair. Now you can sweat everyday and never worry about compromising hair health.

Stance Socks $18
With superior sweat-wicking and thermoregulation design, your feet will stay dry no matter how hard you’re working.

TYR Wrinkle-Free Silicone Swim Cap $10
This affordable and effective swim cap is durable enough to get you through every swim practice. 

Speedo Mirrored Goggles $20
Sleek, snug, and latex-free. The anti-fog quality of these goggles prevent condensation on the surface so you can just keep swimming.

Dimension Burger Bell $10
Be noticed and show off your quirky side with a fun bike bell.

Cateye Enduro $30
Track distance and calories burned with this easy to install bike accessory.

Blackburn Trailside Multi-tool $15
Consider it a Swiss Army knife for cyclists, equipped with 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Hex Keys, Torx T25 and #2 Philips Screwdriver.

Chamois Butt’r $1
If the thought of chafing deters you from a long bike ride, fear no more. Chamois Butt’r protects you and soothes already irritated skin.

BSXInsight $300 (Splurge)
A wearable technology that tells you how hard you’re working by tracking the energy systems in your muscles and lactic acid levels so you can train smarter.

GSI Backpacker Mug $9
This lightweight and insulated mug will keep your beverages hot or cold for an extended amount of time. 

Outdoor Bowl $8
Portable for you and your pooch on long adventures.

Sneaker Balls $5
In addition to shoes, these can be used to freshen up tough odors in gym bags, gym lockers and more.

XT Brace $35
This particular brace treats shin, calf and forearm pain with a versatile gel pack that can be frozen or heated. Made with super stretch fabric, it provides comfort when you need it most.

TriggerPoint Nano Foot Roller $25
We’re on the heels of Austin’s racing season, which means many runners are increasing mileage. When your feet are aching, find relief with our favorite plantar fascia massager on the market.

Balega Socks $7-$12
Not all socks are created equal. Balega has made socks for every type of athlete—the person needs some extra cushioning, the person who is susceptible to blisters, and even the person who hates wearing socks.



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