Discover! Circle C Ranch Metropolitan Park

By Devyn Bernal – November 1, 2015
Photography by fotohogg

Although this trail used to be referred to as just "Slaughter Creek,” the City of Austin now refers to this family-oriented park by its new full name. While two major developed areas provide limitless hours of recreational activities for mainly residents and their families, the park is filled with 545 acres of native hike and bike trails opened to the public. There are numerous park amenities that include picnic tables and benches, sand volleyball courts, granite hike and bike trails, a basketball court, an internationally recognized disc golf course, and children’s playground. Certain courts and amenities are reserved for Circle C residents and guests, but there are plenty of other options for Austinites to choose from.

In the mornings and afternoons, Circle C is a hot spot for toddlers and school-aged children playing at the park, providing relief for parents who want to get out of the house. When the weather is nice, a variety of walkers, runners and bicyclists populate the trail, so solitude is not in great supply. However, the more distant you travel from the trailheads, the fewer people you will likely encounter. Feel free to bring your furry friends as this park is dog-friendly, just don’t forget to pick up after them.

If you hope to check out Circle C’s trail, plan your time accordingly. At the west end of the park, seven irrigated soccer fields serve as the weekend retreat for over 1,600 children who play in the South Austin Youth Soccer Association. Through much of the hike you will be within earshot, if not eyesight, of the soccer fields that the trail circles. This is something to keep in mind if you are searching for peace and quiet when picking your trails. 

If you enjoy disc golf, Circle C Metro Park has been internationally recognized by the Professional Disc Golf Association, thus making the park a prime place to practice your game. The newly done course includes 18 holes of different characteristics, making it a prime candidate for toughest course in Austin. It is moderately hilly and highlights one major hill that gives players the most challenge. Although it is difficult, it provides great practice and a sense of pride if you can beat it.

Circle C Ranch Metropolitan Park is certainly more of a social place to enjoy outdoor activities, so be sure to bring some company. Even if it seems crowded, there is plenty to explore and friends to be made! 


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