On Your Mark, Get Set…Go!

By CarrieBarrett – November 5, 2013

It’s race week, and Lorraine Townsend is finally in Austin and ready to run the ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot! She’s excited and nervous, but ready to take on the 5-mile course with her wife and family. I’ll also be with her every step of the way offering guidance, advice, and plenty of laughter.

Our strategy? We plan to start with simple 1-minute run/ one-minute walk intervals and increase the running duration as energy permits. Our race plan also includes walking through every hill and water stop to ensure adequate hydration and recovery. Most importantly? We plan to have fun and celebrate this iconic family-friendly Austin event with a joyful and grateful heart.
Townsend has surely had some ups and downs over the last couple of weeks, but none have squelched her energy and enthusiasm for creating this lasting lifestyle change. It started with the motivation to train for the Turkey Trot, but she knows that crossing the finish line is only the beginning.

As I always tell my athletes: “Getting to the start line is a lot harder and more important than getting to the finish line.” Lorraine has made it to the start line and that is one of many things to be thankful for this holiday season!

Congrats, Lorraine! We’ll see you at the finish!

Austin Fit Magazine wishes all our readers a happy and joyous Thanksgiving.


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