A Special Message from the Publisher:

By AFM Team – May 1, 2020

Dear AFM Reader,

Last month I wrote to you about our April issue and how we intended to deliver AFM to those locations still open and accessible to you. I also described our efforts to provide our monthly issue digitally in the same format as the print magazine via a link on our website austinfitmagazine.com and delivered directly to our newsletter subscribers in their email box each month.   

It has now become very apparent that the safest and most effective way to deliver Austin Fit Magazine to our readership is via our digitally replicated edition. The most obvious benefits are accessibility and convenience, since our monthly digital edition is now available on virtually all digital platforms. This means the magazine is available safely and securely any time and anywhere. But that is just the beginning. We can now connect with more readers with an even wider variety of digital offerings. And as we also enhance our website to include daily, fresh and relevant content in addition to our monthly edition, we are now able to create even more value to all our constituents at a time when health, wellness and fitness are more important than ever. 

Over the last 20 years, AFM’s mission and value has always been its focus on the health and fitness of our community. The content we deliver is paramount and the local stories we shine a light on have been our passion. Our commitment to connecting our community together continues and is actually enhanced by this method of delivery. In fact, the feedback from our readers and customers alike has been overwhelmingly positive about our digital approach, especially now.  

In many ways this new connection with you is more personal than ever and we are grateful for that opportunity. I hope you will subscribe to AFM so that we can be sure you will get your digital copy each month, wherever you may be. It’s easy and it’s free. And look for increasingly current content on our website including our new “Fit Talks” video interviews, our “Fit Wire” with fun, cool info and other surprises in the weeks to come.

Races are won on the hills and we know Austin and Texas are the best hill runners on the planet. See y’all at the summit!

Warmest regards,




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