Paleo f(x) Favorites

By Liz Harroun – May 3, 2018


Pili Nut Butter

I've tried all the nut butters, but this one is the most buttery of them all. It comes in three flavors, but my favorite is the Lion’s Mane nut butter! It’s great right out of the jar, and we can’t wait to try it in smoothies and homemade protein bars.

Primal Kitchen Mayo
I’ve never been a huge mayo person, but that changed as soon as I tried Primal Kitchen’s version. Made with cage-free eggs and other trustworthy ingredients, it’s a source of healthy fats and taste. I’m looking forward to making chicken salad with it!


Jambo Superfoods Supercharged Butter

This takes butter coffee to a whole new level! The CBD provides a nice focused calm, which is great to temper the caffeine anxiety.

Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer

I tried a matcha with the vital proteins collagen creamer, and it was so frothy and smooth! We can’t wait to take some of the single serving packets on our next trip so we can avoid stale airport lattes.



Kale vs Cow: Sustainable Land Management – Mastermind Panel              

Most of us have seen the horrifying documentaries that focus on the benefits of a vegan diet. Kale vs. Cow is a documentary spearheaded by Diana Rodgers to offer a different view—how eliminating meat can cause more harm than good. This panel was moderated by Rogers and included Taylor Collins from local company Epic. It was thought-provoking to hear how omnivores are really thinking about how they source and raise meat—and how it just might be the most ethical option.   


The Paleo Thyroid Solution – Elle Russ

Until this talk, I didn’t realize for just how much the thyroid gland was responsible. You couldn’t help but sympathize with Russ’ story of how she hit rock bottom mentally and physically before finally taking matters into her own hands. After turning her own health around by reversing her thyroid autoimmunity, she is now helping countless others do the same through her proven techniques and empowering information.


In the New Economy, Everyone is an Entrepreneur – Mastermind Panel

This panel focused on how to turn your passion for health into a successful business. Entrepreneurs like Mark Sisson, JJ Virgin, and Emily Schromm talked about the importance of bouncing back and learning from failures as well as their own personal struggles. Biggest takeaway: It only takes one success to make it big, so keep trying.



The Lucid Light Experience

Up in the VIP lounge, I got to try out light therapy for the first time. I laid down, closed my eyes, and put on soundproof headphones. Before I knew it, I was deep in a beautiful experience full of  light and sound. After about a 20-minute session, I felt refreshed like I had just gotten out of a very deep meditative state (which is typically difficult for me to reach with sitting meditation).

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