Summer Stylin’ for the X Games

By Michelle Suggs – May 1, 2014

The X Games are coming into town and so is the heat. This doesn’t mean Austinites can’t be stylish while enjoying the festivities in the sun. The key is to pair up the right set of separates while decking out in simple accessories for a great look. So, break out those Ray Bans, and lather up the sunscreen; we’re going to show some skin this season.

Whether a guy or gal, shorts will save your life this summer, and the more breathable, the better. Guys, try on some flat front shorts, and don’t be afraid of color and prints. Ladies, high-waisted shorts are in; denim cutoffs go with just about anything, but if you’re looking for something a little more comfy while riding your bike around COTA, try a lightweight material. Give chambray shorts a go, or even a simple romper. 

Bare those arms with a racerback tank top. They’re effortless,

comfortable, and affordable, work for men and women, and come in a variety of materials and prints. Tank tops in general can gel with anything: men can sport them with shorts or a pair of Saturday khakis, while women can opt for shorts, leggings, skirts—just about anything. 

If tanks tops aren’t your thing, airy shirts will always work. Crew or V-neck tees perform much the same as tank tops without showing as much skin. In the mood to flaunt some style? Woven button-ups for men can be comfortable if made of the right material (lightweight cotton is best), and c

an be worn tucked, un-tucked, buttoned, or unbuttoned with a statement tee underneath. Women can certainly wear button-ups, as they come in a variety of lengths and styles. Breezy kimonos are also fashionable this season and appear effortless with an outfit.  

Maker Faire, X Games, Blues on the Green, and other Austin outdoor festivals mean time on the feet, so make sure to be savvy with footwear. Sneakers are always good (and can look great), but there are plenty of satisfying sandals these days. 

Top off your ensemble with a simple watch, and ladies, try a long necklace to dress up your outdoor festival look. Don’t forget to a shady hat to provide protection from the Texas sun.


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