2014 AFM FITTEST Event Guide

By AFM – May 1, 2014

Publisher's Letter

It’s hard to believe that 2014 marks the third annual AFM FITTEST.  Not long ago, we were deciding where to hold the event, what tests to include, and how to score the results. At the time, the challenges seemed insurmountable. But we persevered, and the event has grown each year, thanks to the dedicated AFM team and enormous support of readers, advertisers, sponsors, Austin’s health and fitness community—and, most of all, thanks to our loyal participants.

We’re looking at another successful year.  Support has been overwhelming; presenting sponsor Trigger Point Performance leads the way, and there are many wonderful new sponsors, such as H-E-B, My Fit Foods, and Humana, who are playing a major role in making this event a success.  The AFM FITTEST is a complex event to produce, and the test sponsors continue to be the backbone of this experience by providing equipment, judges, and volunteers.  And so, we give our profound thanks to all for helping AFM move forward in changing lives through health and fitness.

Our goal this year is to take the AFM FITTEST to a new level by making it more accessible to all those on all levels of the fitness spectrum. In our quest to encourage a healthier lifestyle across this community, AFM aims to capture the raw fun of movement.  We want to eliminate fear, which often squelches an initiative to “get out there and give it a try,” while still offering a unique competitive opportunity for those up to the challenge. Find more details and videos of each test online at afmfittest.com

To that end, here are some of the key changes in 2014:

Two different days of competition 
Day 1 (Saturday, May 31) is for individuals who are competing for the “AFM 10 FITTEST” award and age group rankings

Day 2 (Sunday, June 1) is a “Field Day for Adults” that consists of multiple events

Team Challenge: Four-person teams opt to compete in Corporate, Gym, and Open divisions

Celebrity Invitational: Some of Austin’s favorite community fitness ambassadors perform the AFM FITTEST tests

Individual: Folks who are interested in a low-stress participation environment (a great way to establish a base line for fitness) experience the same 12 tests, with the option to skip any test (at no penalty) and without being ranked Improved My Fit Foods Village, with better access, more shade, and a wider array of vendors and food

 New Tests 
Vertical  Jump (one of last year’s Mystery Tests) added to the basic ten tests Two new Mystery Tests for participants to experience

The 2014 AFM FITTEST, with its "AFM 10 FITTEST "competition and field day for adults, is going to be a great experience for you and your family, so come out and give it a try.  You’ll have a fun time, meet people, build a few memories, and maybe even start a new fitness journey.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Keep Austin Fit,


2014 AFM FITTEST Schedule Information

Day 1 and Day 2 Individual Events:


All participants should arrive one hour prior to their heat’s start time.

After check in, all participants should congregate under the Red Bull Prep Zone tent 30 minutes prior to their scheduled heat start time; roll call is held 15 minutes before heat start.


Athletes will move through the 12 tests, in order, with their division. Once all 12 tests have been completed, athletes may leave the test area.

Athletes in the Day 2 individual events have the option to sit out any test; Day 1 individual competitors and Day 2 Team competitors will be penalized in scoring for any test not attempted.

Please note that some age groups may be combined for efficient heat scheduling purposes, though age group rankings, 5-year recognition, and awards for competitive athletes will still be given separately.

All heats will proceed in the same order:  Standing Med Ball Toss, Vertical Jump, Mystery Test 1, 40-Yard Dash, Pro Agility Shuttle, Precision Throw, Pull-Ups, Burpees, Hand Grip, Interval Run, Mystery Test 2, and One-Mile Run.

Mystery Test information will be revealed onsite. The test protocols will be thoroughly explained to all athletes by the lead judge, but there will be no practice time for those events.

Once a heat is finished, participants are welcome to come and go as they please.

Celebrity Invitational

Austin Fit Magazine wishes to recognize our Celebrity Invitational participants, who are all outstanding ambassadors of fitness in the Austin community. Thank you for modeling the enthusiasm and passion that goes along with leading an active, physical, and healthy lifestyle. For a complete list of the 2014 Celebrity Invitational athletes, visit afmfittest.com.

Day 2 Group Events

Team Competition

The Team Competition is comprised of teams of four athletes of any age (18 and above) and gender registered in one of the following categories: Corporate, Gym, and Open. There must be four competitors per team present on event day at check-in in order for a team to compete. Individuals may participate in both the individual competition and as a member of a team. Each member of the team will complete three of the 12 tests, which are performed in the same order as the individual competition. Because each test is conducted with the entire field in one heat, team members—as well as spectators—can follow along to cheer for their teammates. The team’s score will be a compilation of each member’s rank based on his or her raw score for that event. The overall winning team and the winners in each category will be featured in Austin Fit Magazine’s August issue in the “AFM 10 FITTEST” coverage.

What happens if it’s raining? The AFM FITTEST goes on, rain or shine. Lightning, however, can cause delays and cancellations. AFM reserves the right to make any changes and cancellations to provide for the safety of competitors in the event of inclement weather or other unforeseen conditions. There will be no refunds granted for any reason.


My FIt Foods Village

MY FIT FOODS VILLAGE is a shaded retreat for spectators and participants, offering food, drinks, products, and services right in the middle of the testing areas. There will also be wellness, fitness, and nutrition-specific products and services on hand from My Fit Foods Village sponsors, which includes the following:

 Food/Drink Sponsors
Complete Nutrition

Core Power

Deep Eddy Vodka

Diesel Foods

Galaxy Café


Handle Bar


My Fit Foods

Oatmega Bar

Skinny Limits

Wahoo’s Fish Taco

 Health/Fitness Sponsors, including 
Camp Gladiator

Coach Mo's Fitness

Dane's Body Shop



Seton Medical Center


Texas Army National Guard

Trigger Point Performance

V23 Athletics

RED BULL PREP ZONE will be the starting point where all athletes can congregate prior to start time. All athletes must be under the Red Bull tent 15 minutes prior to their heat’s start time. Roll call will be taken to ensure that everyone is present.  (Note: This area is not open to spectators.)

YMCA FIT KIDS ZONE is full of fun fitness activities for the little. You’ll find the YMCA Fit Kids Zone located on the parade field, allowing kids to be engaged with the adult competition as well as enjoy safe, age-appropriate fitness challenges. Please note that children must be accompanied by parents; this is an interactive play area that does not provide babysitting.

CORE POWER RECOVERY ZONE is the much-needed rest and recovery area for all athletes as they cross the finish line of the final test, the One-Mile Run. In addition to the Core Power recovery beverages on hand, lululemon athletica will be distributing finishers’ dog tags and Trigger Point Performance will provide release stations to revitalize athletes. Congratulations are in order; if you’ve made it to the Core Power Recovery Zone, you’ve just finished the AFM FITTEST!  

SETON MEDICAL TENT will be staffed to provide vital support to any athlete who may find himself faced with an injury or medical need.

Test Designer's Letter

The 2013 AFM FITTEST was another year of great energy and competition; the event is definitely growing, and this led to new challenges for improvement. Due to the incredible feedback, we took a forward leap, adding a second day, new categories, and more options for the team event. Changes were made to the core tests to improve the competitors’ and participants’ experience. 

• With the overwhelmingly positive feedback and energy it created, the Vertical Jump became the lower body power test, replacing previous years’ Standing Broad Jump.  

• Agility testing will use the Pro Agility Shuttle (also known as the 5-10-5 testing protocol and design), simplifying the test process while still exhibiting the competitor’s ability to quickly change direction. The Pro Agility Shuttle is a standard used in many national testing events and combines as well as numerous athletic and sports testing organizations, giving the ability to compare your score to national norms.  

• The Precision Throw scoring has improved to help eliminate ties, with 2 points given for throwing the ball through the strike zone and 1 point for hitting the target. 

• We collaborated with CrossFit Central to develop a new protocol that makes scoring clearer, definitive, and more objective for judges to help make every rep count.

• Anyone who maxes out at 200 psi on the Hand Grip dynamometer will have an additional attempt on a dynamometer that measures as much as 300 psi, so crushers will have a chance to truly see their best score. 

• Adjustments have been made to make the judging criteria clearer, definitive, and more objective in the Pull-Ups and Standing Med Ball Toss. 

It’s exciting to see the training groups in full swing and respond to competitor questions. Our Corporate and Gym Team Challenges are bringing participants from all levels and backgrounds together for a fun group experience. It is inspiring to see team members supporting each other through event preparation and competition. Some companies even issued challenges to others within their industries. I and the AFM FITTEST staff have had a blast sharing the spirit and opportunities surrounding this event, meeting with many of Austin’s biggest companies and being involved with “Lunch and Learn” events all over town.  

Another great partnership surrounding the event is the AFM FITTEST Certified Training. Dedicated training organizations are helping all levels of competitors and teams, including those who are simply looking for a new fitness experience and to learn their own fitness benchmarks, as they prepare for a great, fun experience on event day. 

I am very grateful to Austin Fit Magazine, event sponsors, and the entire Austin fitness community for helping the AFM FITTEST on its way to becoming Austin’s pinnacle fitness event, one that combines—rather that competes—with health and wellness organizations throughout the community. 

– Diane Vives

Getting Ready

Texas Army National Guard Packet Pick-Up is on Tuesday, May 27, and Wednesday, May 28, from 11 a.m.­­—2 p.m. at Camp Mabry within the Texas Military Museum, which is located directly across from the Parade Field (where the event will be held). All packets must be picked up at this time; there is no packet pick-up on event day. You must pick up your packet on May 27 or 28 to receive your packet, sponsors gifts, and pertinent information regarding the event. Can¹t make it on May 27 or 28? Send a friend with a copy of your photo ID to pick up your packet for you.

Your packet contains your bib, which is extremely important; please be sure that it comes with you to the event, as the bib contains a timing chip that has been assigned to you. Because the timing chip is part of the bib, DO NOT FOLD your bib.

Check your bib for your wave and lane assignment; these are written on your bib and will consist of numbers and letters (numbers are lanes, letters are waves), such as F, 1.

All athletes should plan to reuse their Texas Army National Guard bag to carry their belongings at the AFM FITTEST.  

 What should athletes bring? 

ID for entry to Camp Mabry

Refillable water bottle




Running shoes

Turf shoes/cleats

Cash for optional purchases (free refreshments are provided for athletes in the Core Power Recovery Zone)

 Spectators should also bring these items: 

ID for entry to Camp Mabry

Copy of May Austin Fit Magazine with the Event Guide (or access it digitally at austinfitmagazine.com)

Refillable water bottle

Chairs/blankets to sit on

Umbrella for shade


Cash for purchases at the My Fit Foods Village

Note:  You are welcome to take photos at the event; however, AFM will have professional photographers capturing the competition on film. These photos will be available for purchase; see afmfittest.com for information. 

 The following items are NOT allowed: 

DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE PARADE FIELD AREA AT CAMP MABRY. Please respect this rule by leaving your pet at home for the AFM FITTEST.

Spectators may not bring glass containers or tobacco products.

Athletes may not bring metal spikes, pull-up wrist wraps, gloves, glass, tobacco products, or any illegal substances.


GETTING THERE: Entering Camp Mabry requires a valid ID, whether you are an athlete or spectator.  Plan to stop at the guard shack at the Camp Mabry entrance and show your ID as you come onto the grounds. Shirts are also required.

Parking: Refer to the map in this guide for parking areas, and follow signs and volunteer directions when driving through Camp Mabry (watch for athletes on the run course!).

CHECK-IN: There will be no packet pick-up on the day of the event. Athletes must check at least 30 minutes before heat start. All athletes should congregate under the Red Bull Prep Zone at least 15 minutes before their heat is scheduled to begin. Please note: You are responsible for properly warming up and preparing for the start of the competition, so if you need extra warm-up time, make sure to check in early to allow for that.

Make sure you have your bib on when you get ready for the AFM FITTEST; it has important information for completing your events properly. Each athlete’s bib will have his or her wave and lane assignments for specific events written on it. Once your division is ready to begin a test, you must line up when your wave (assigned by letter) is called to the start in the correct lane (assigned by number) at the 40-Yard Dash to receive the correct score. There may be empty lanes due to athletes who are “no shows” on event day; please do not make any changes—ONLY line up in your designated lane. Also, the letter written on the bib designates the waves that will start in order at each test station.  If the lead judge calls your wave to the start of a test, you must go to the start at that time. 


Athletes on both days and in all events will move through the 12 tests, in order, with their assigned division. Each division has an assigned division leader. As athletes approach a test, they will be given instructions regarding procedures from the lead judge at each event. At each event, test judges will take appropriate measurements for a raw score, which they will record on a card along with the athletes’ bib number. After the tests, athletes must initial their written scores before proceeding on to the next. Initials should include first and last name, as these will be used as a point of identification to match athletes with their raw scores. Note that the 40-Yard Dash and One-Mile Interval Run will not require acceptance of a score, as these are computer generated. Test judges will turn in cards to the appropriate officials—athletes will not take scorecards with them at any point during the day. 

What if there is a problem during a test? An athlete who feels an error has been made or has a complaint should address the issue with the lead judge at that particular test before proceeding on to the next test. The lead judge (not the test judges) will work with the athlete to settle the dispute at that time. The appropriate course will be determined before the athlete continues on and scoring issues will be handled at that point. For more detailed information about scoring, please see page 76.

Please stay with the division and do not stop to visit with spectators in between tests. This is to respect the other athletes in your division, make sure you hear the important instructions from the lead judge, and avoid causing delays.

Spectators are free to move from one test to another to cheer on participants, much like in a golf tournament. Please keep children with you at all times for their and the athletes’ safety.

Written guidelines and videos of the ten announced tests are available online at afmfittest.com. The two Mystery Tests will be revealed on Day 1 of the AFM FITTEST; there will NOT be an opportunity to practice the two Mystery Tests so that every competitor vying for the title of “AFM 10 FITTEST” on Day 1 has equal preparation. All 12 tests will be used to compile a Day 1 competitor’s overall score. Note that all athletes participating on Day 2 have the ability to view the Mystery Tests by attending Day 1 of the AFM FITTEST.

Visit the AFM FITTEST website (afmfittest.com) for announcements regarding the Celebrity Invitational participants, which consists of Austin’s noted fitness ambassadors and athletes.

Share your AFM FITTEST experience via social media:

Tweet and post InstaGram pictures to @AustinFit and include #AFMFittest and #KeepAustinFit


Check out the professional photos at afmfittest.com and order your favorites!  

Results will be available online at afmfittest.com the week following the competition.

Look for the August issue of Austin Fit Magazine to see and read about the AFM 10 FITTEST and the Fittest Team winners. Watch AFM’s social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and InstaGram) for information about the August issue release party, which will feature the “AFM 10 FITTEST” results and award presentations.


Definitions of terms:

Test: the individual exercise (ex. Standing Med Ball Toss)

Division: an athlete’s age and gender group (ex. 30-39 Females)

Field: all athletes of the same gender, regardless of age

Raw score: specific results per test (ex. 8:32 for the One-Mile Run)

Rank: position relative to others (5 out of 25)

Wave: subgroup within an athlete’s division

Division leader: guide assigned to the specific group for the entire event

Test judges: officials at each test who take measurements for raw score

Lead judge: official at each test that oversees the test judges and makes final decisions

As each athlete completes a test, he will receive a specific score, which is a number based on actual performance reflecting measurements of distance, time, or number. (Scoring information for each test is detailed online at afmfittest.com). That is the raw score, which can be used each year to directly compare athletes’ results to show progress and improvement. All athletes will receive a raw score, but only competitive athletes on Day 1 and Teams on Day 2 will receive rankings. Individual event Field Day participants on Day 2 will receive a raw score in each test attempted.

For those competitive athletes (Day 1 individual competition participants and Day 2 Teams), the raw score is then converted into a rank per test, with the person who wins that test receiving a ranking of “1.” The first ranking is assigned according to the number of athletes in the competitor’s division; if there are 50 competitors, then rankings go from 1—50, with the lower number (1) as the better score.

To determine the “AFM 10 FITTEST,” raw scores are ranked within the categories. Using rank, one man and one woman per competitive division with the best score will be selected as members of the “AFM 10 FITTEST.”

To determine the Male and Female Overall winners, the raw scores are then ranked against the entire field of same sex competitors. There will be one Male Overall winner and one Female Overall winner with the best score, and this top man and top women will be awarded the title of “AFM FITTEST.”

Ties: It is possible to have multiple tie scores on some tests. In that event, multiple, same rankings are given and the next competitor will receive the rank which reflects the next best score.

Example: Three people tie for first place in the Precision Throw with a raw score of ten, and the fourth person has a raw score of eight. Each of the three who had the best score (ten) will receive a test rank of “1” (they are all in first place) and the next competitor will receive a test ranking of “4” (she is in fourth place).

No Attempt: If a competitor on Day 1 or in the Team events on Day 2 chooses not to attempt a test, he will receive a score of “0” for raw score in that test, and will be last in his division. Field Day participants (Day 2 individual heats) may opt out of any test without penalty, as only raw scores for tests attempted are given.

Disqualification (DQ): In the case that a competitor on Day 1 or in the Team events on Day 2 has a failed attempt or miss and is disqualified, she will receive a raw score of 0.01 and a rank better than any competitors who Did Not Attempt. In the case that all competitors attempted the event, DQ will be ranked last. This does not apply to Field Day participants.

Example: An athlete does not properly execute any burpees, though she goes through the motions for the entire minute. A score of 0.01 will be assigned as the raw score. There are 30 people in the division and one person was a No Attempt (scoring 0), so the athlete who attempted and received a DQ ranks 29 for that test.

Attempts but Fails: If a competitor on Day 1 or in the Team events on Day 2 attempts the test but is unsuccessful, he will receive a raw score of “0.01” and a rank better than any competitors who Did Not Attempt. 

Example:  An athlete tries to complete a pull-up but is unable to get his chin above the bar. He is given a raw score of 0.01, which is then used to calculate his rank in the heat. There are 50 people in the heat and all attempted; none were disqualified. Therefore, his rank is 50.

Disputes: If an athlete declines to initial a raw score on the scorecard or has an issue with some aspect of the test, the matter should be brought before the lead judge at that specific test at the time it occurs. The lead judge will then make the necessary and appropriate consultations to come to the best recourse. The athlete should stay at that test station until the issue is resolved; disputes will be settled at the test station and not later in the event or after its completion.

Example: An athlete feels that a test judge did not properly count the number of burpees in the time allotted and does not initial the results. The test judge presents the scorecard to the lead judge, who consults with the athlete and test judge as appropriate in order to work a fair solution for all involved.

Factors Affecting Scores: AFM has worked to reduce the possibility of ties in several ways. Scoring has been changed for the Precision Throw, and a new Mystery Test 1 and Mystery Test 2 have been created to further differentiate athletes’ fitness levels and give additional opportunities for competitors to score and rank among divisions. Judging is more standardized in burpees and pull-ups, and a CPA firm is again providing score computation to produce certified results.


Awards and recognition for the 2014 AFM FITTEST will be provided for the following categories:

AFM 10 FITTEST (top male and female per age group from Day 1 competitors)

Overall Team Winner (top overall team score), plus separate category winners for Corporate, Gym, and Open Teams

Most Improved (given to the returning male and female athletes from the Day 1 competition whose scores have improved the most since the previous year’s competition)

Athlete Recognition (the best athletes from the Day 1 competitive event are listed in five-year increments, such as 55-59, 60-65, 66-70, 70-75, etc.).  

 Austin Fit Magazine has arranged for an amazing array of prizes; we’d like to thank our wonderful sponsors for their generosity.

The "AFM 10 FITTEST" will receive

A featured profile in the August 2014 Issue of AFM

The GRID Foam Roller, courtesy of Trigger Point Performance

A 3-day Back Pack, courtesy of the Texas Army National Guard

One 12-pack of Oatmega Bars, courtesy of Boundless Nutrition

Choice of a top or bottom, courtesy of lululemon athletica

Two free FIT tests of choice, courtesy of the Fit Institute of Texas

FRAME shirt and bag

$25 gift card, courtesy of H-E-B

The Team Award will include:

Featured profile in the August 2014 Issue of AFM 

An announcement at the 2014 Awards Party  

Most Improved competitors will receive:

Name recognition in the August 2014 issue of AFM  

An announcement at the 2014 Awards Party 

Those who receive Athlete Recognition will be given:

Name recognition in the August 2014 issue of AFM 

An announcement at the 2014 Awards Party 

2014 AFM FITTEST Sponsors

While many people pursue a healthy lifestyle as a hobby or an obsession, many businesses have adopted fitness as both a livelihood and a calling to help people live more active lives. The following businesses have joined Austin Fit Magazine in our mission to educate, motivate, and inspire people and communities to live a healthier lifestyle by sponsoring the 2014 AFM FITTEST.


Trigger Point Performance

Trigger Point Performance is the presenting sponsor of the 2014 AFM FITTEST. Trigger Point Performance has roots here in Austin, with founder and CEO Cassidy Phillips starting his company right here in Austin more than a decade ago. A former triathlete and extremely experienced in the biomechanics of the human body, Phillips has developed best-in-class products including foam rollers, massage balls, and total body kits geared for injury recovery and prevention. We look forward to sharing our tools – keeping all the AFM FITTEST competitors at the top of their game in this year’s competition. For more information, visit tptherapy.com.


Core Power

Core Power is the official recovery beverage of AFM FITTEST and sponsor of the Recovery Zone, located at the end of the One-Mile Run. Recovering properly after a workout or competition is key, and the best way to try our brand is through experience. What better way to find out than by drinking Core Power—great tasting, high-quality protein, from all natural ingredients—after a competition?

The AFM FITTEST promotes health and wellness within the community. We at Fair Oaks Farms Brands, maker of Core Power, believe in partnering with events that promote health and wellness for every person while providing them with high-quality natural-nutrition options.

Core Power is our delicious post-workout recovery drink made from fresh, low-fat, lactose-free milk and real honey. Its optimum protein-to-carb ratio and nutrient-rich profile create the perfect last stage of every workout. From endurance sports and bodybuilding to Pilates and yoga, Core Power helps athletes recover faster, build lean muscle, and stay at the top of their game—no matter which game an athlete happens to play. For more information, visit corepower.com

My Fit Foods

My Fit Foods is sponsoring the My Fit Foods Village. My Fit Foods was founded in 2006 in the apartment kitchen of a personal trainer who was dedicated to ensuring his client’s achieved the results he promised.

Out of the spirit of service, founder Mario Mendias started cooking meals for his clients who were too busy to shop and prepare healthy meals with a time crunched schedule. The clients’ fitness results spoke for themselves. Soon Mendias was not only cooking for his clients, but all the clients in the gym. For more information, visit myfitfoods.com

Texas Army National Guard

The Texas Army National Guard is proud to sponsor the AFM FITTEST Packet Pick-Up. Keeping in shape is an important part of the mission for any National Guard soldier, and we believe hosting the Packet Pick-Up is a great chance for Austin residents to get to know Camp Mabry and the citizen-soldiers who work and train here.

The citizen-soldiers who make up the National Guard are committed to defending their communities while maintaining a full-time civilian job, family life or college career. We hope that participants in AFM FITTEST will have a chance to meet with some of our National Guard soldiers face-to-face, so they can know more about the values of selfless service, integrity and duty each soldier strives to exemplify. If you'd like to learn more about the National Guard, visit TXARNG.com.


Humana Inc. is a leading health care company that offers a wide range of insurance products and health and wellness services that incorporate an integrated approach to lifelong well being. Humana has been working to help people live healthier lives since the company was founded more than 50 years ago. At Humana, we support people in their daily endeavors to live a healthy life, and we are dedicated to creating innovative programs and partnerships that reflect our commitment. Our company’s vision is to help people achieve lifelong well being. That’s why we are proud to sponsor this year’s AFM FITTEST, a premier community event focused on shining a light on health and fitness for the masses. Humana has had a presence in Austin for more than 25 years, offering a variety of health insurance plans to meet the unique needs of local employers, individuals, and families. To learn more about Humana and what we offer, visit Humana.com.


H-E-B is the official Recovery Zone sponsor this year, supplying contestants with the post-race fuel they need to recharge and recover from the tests. H-E-B’s corporate values emphasize finding balance in life. Learning ways to eat better, move more, and live well allows Texans to focus on making small sustainable changes the whole family can live with. Choosing to be more active and knowing your numbers—such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and body mass index—will help coordinate efforts in key areas to maximize healthy behaviors.

H-E-B is dedicated to helping our customers find affordable, delicious and easy ways to opt for health.
• Adding balance to meal planning involves cooking more at home
• Coordinating busy schedules to increase time for physical activity means selecting easy, grab-and-go items
• Getting more color on the plate is simple when you choose fruits and veggies

To learn more about H-E-B, visit heb.com


Seton is the sponsor of the medical tent.

YMCA of Austin

The YMCA of Austin is sponsoring the YMCA Fit Kids Zone. We will have several obstacles and events for children that mimic what their parents will be doing during the event. Kids and families are what the YMCA is all about; if we can reach more kids and teach them the value of a healthy  lifestyle, our whole community benefits.

The YMCA strives to incorporate the following concepts: youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. The YMCA Fit Kids Zone covers each of those areas of focus. A child involved in physical activity is less prone to illness and disease, does better in school and in social settings, and will be more likely to contribute to society in any number of positive ways.

The YMCA is a charity 501(c)3 nonprofit, volunteer-led, member-based organization. The YMCA of Austin’s mission is “to promote Christian principles through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.” For more information, see austinymca.org


Dane’s Body Shop

Dane’s Body Shop is sponsoring the interval run because it allows us to represent the efforts necessary to be a fast, well-conditioned, and explosive athlete. We’re a mission-driven fitness studio/box gym that will rock your socks off.

At Dane’s Body Shop, we are always in pursuit of ways to reach others in Austin who are searching for a better way to achieve athletic fitness goals. Our stellar Fusion classes, mixed with CrossFit, yoga, range of motion, and running, are one of our featured groups.  Being a part of the AFM FITTEST allows us to help, first-hand, to deliver our passion to the city. For more information, visit danesbodyshop.com

Body by Frame

The Agility Pro Shuttle is sponsored by Body by Frame (FRAME). This event is a great test of speed, power, agility, reaction, and quickness. It also requires body control in the changing of direction. 

At FRAME, we think the AFM FITTEST is a great opportunity because it allows individuals to set goals. We encourage our clients to set goals that feel “somewhat unachievable” and then go after them with a plan. This competition opens the door to all of Austin to compete to be one of “The Fittest.” Many of our clients are everyday people, and we believe that this event can show that they have the spark to compete as well as motivate Austinites to get out and be active.

FRAME focuses on achieving your goals (not ours), surrounds you with a team of trainers and nutritionists, and delivers results within the framework of a carefully orchestrated, customized plan. The human body is a remarkable organic machine. Under the right conditions, it will respond rapidly to become healthy, fit, and beautiful. We see it happen every day. We'd like to see it happen to you. For more information, visit bodybyframe.com

Oatmega Bar

 Oatmega Bar is again sponsoring the Precision Throw. We've had a blast judging participants. It is a great way to mix up the strength and endurance side of most all the challenges participants have at AFM FITTEST. Our mission is to empower people’s lives through healthy, innovative products. Austin Fit Magazine’s AFM FITTEST is a great way to test the results of a lot of people’s hard work and healthy living! We love the AFM community!

Oatmega Bars and Perfect Cookies are the result of a belief that “Food is Medicine.” Proper nutrition should not be limited to full meals; snacks should have a nutritional function, too. Our bars and cookies contain the highest quality ingredients – like New Zealand Grass-fed Whey (no junk), the best balance of nutritional function (Oatmega 3s from fish oil and chia seeds), and low sugar/high protein. See bounlessnutrition.com to learn more.

Crossfit Central

CrossFit Central is a local family-owned business started in 2005.  Our team is dedicated to pursuing excellence in all that we do, transforming lives, and building a fit community in Austin! 

CrossFit Central is sponsoring the burpee test, which now incorporates a plate to jump onto when standing. What’s more basic (drop to the ground and jump up) but simultaneously more intense than doing a burpee?

CrossFit Central’s core values areloyalty, integrity, honor, trust, and compete. We strongly believe that by competing, striving together, and going “all in,” each of us has the opportunity to live up to our true potential! The AFM FITTEST encourages the community to put its fitness to the test. This will not only be a fun challenge; it will be a true measure of who is the fittest in Austin.

For more information, visit 


Castle Hill Fitness

Castle Hill Fitness is returning to sponsor the Hand Grip Test, which we lovingly renamed the “Death Grip” test.  The Death Grip is the most accessible test of fitness for anyone to complete, as no aerobic fitness or agility skills are needed to perform it. You might be a fast sprinter, but do you have a “Death Grip?” (Our massage therapists are doing really well).

The AFM FITTEST “field day for adults” exemplifies Castle Hill Fitness’ recipe for fitness success: have fun, challenge your physical and mental fitness, have fun, repeat.  We are excited to share space with so many other fit businesses and personalities in one motivating event. Being a part of the AFM FITTEST allows all participants to align with a collective vision for a fitter future and inspire the city to get moving.

Castle Hill Fitness is a downtown, locally owned, boutique gym creating fun fitness opportunities for over a decade.  We offer a balance of all things: health and wellness, public fitness, Pilates, Zumba, and yoga classes, a wellness spa with acupuncture and skin care, a healthy grab and go café (Food for Fitness Café), and a Pinarello dealer bike shop (Castle Hill Cycles), all on the corner of 12th and Lamar.  For more information, visit castlehillfitness.com

Camp Gladiator

Camp Gladiator (CG) is sponsoring the 40-yard dash, which measures sprint speed. CG is an award-winning, full-body workout that produces results in improving speed, endurance, and conditioning (among other areas), so a fast-paced, exciting event where competitors can cheer on others is perfect for us.

CG’s mission is to positively impact the physical fitness and, ultimately, the lives of as many people as possible. Camp Gladiator, which seeks to revolutionize group fitness, was recently voted “Best Outdoor Boot Camp” by AFM’s readers and is a motivating and challenging fitness program for all levels. A leader of group fitness, CG supports AFM by participating in this event where people come together for fitness. For more information, visit campgladiator.com

Pure Austin

Pure Austin returns as sponsor of the pull-up test. One of the best exercises for your upper body is the pull-up, pure and simple.  This compound exercise is superior and intense, plus we’ve got the best rig in town for your pull-ups.

The AFM FITTEST concept is innovative, the first of its kind in Austin, and one of the best ways to challenge, assess, and motivate.  At Pure, we strive to develop and implement innovative programs that inspire and motivate, create community, and provide people with the best methods to reach their goals—and launch some new ones.  We want to create the “Pure” experience that will impact and balances your life and have you looking forward to coming back again.  We create possibilities; our goal is you. Also, when you decide to compete again next year, come by and we’ll get you ready. For more information, visit pureaustin.com

Coach Mo’s Elite Fitness

Coach Mo’s Elite Fitness is sponsoring the standing med ball test. At Coach Mo’s Elite Fitness, our mission goes beyond the journey of health and wellness. We create an atmosphere of family and friends to constantly encourage and support you in achieving your goals. We understand how overwhelming and difficult the road to health and wellness can be, so we work to decrease obstacles and make fitness convenient for you.

The goal of our programs is to turn you into your own personal trainer. Only you are guaranteed to be with you for the rest of your life. We don’t teach you how to use a particular machine, we teach you how to exercise properly to achieve goals, rehabilitate injuries, and prevent future injuries.

Join our team and let us be your supporting cast.

Luke’s Locker

Luke’s Locker is sponsoring the One-Mile Run, which is a natural fit. As a running and fitness specialty store, we have strong roots in the running community and feel this event is a great way for athletes to assess their cardio fitness.  

We routinely use the One-Mile Run as a benchmark to measure the improvement of all of our training group participants. Luke’s Locker is committed to community outreach and supporting events that encourage health and wellness, and participating in the AFM FITTEST allows us to achieve both by giving the opportunity to connect our store with the Austin community through a fun, fitness-driven event.

 Luke’s Locker is a family-owned, Texas-based running and fitness store that has been in business since the 1970s.  Our focus is to provide our customers with the best performing products under a roof that houses great people and wonderful service. We are dedicated to supporting the running and fitness communities we serve with outstanding events and training programs.  For more information, visit lukeslocker.com


Dynamax is sponsoring the Mystery Test 1. 

Spark Fitness Club

Spark Fitness Club is sponsoring the Mystery Test 2. Spark Fitness Club opens later this spring in downtown Austin. Our locally owned and operated gym will sit in the new Gables Park Tower building next door to the Seaholm District. Spark’s premier location, unparalleled architecture, amazing locker rooms, innovative group classes, and unique personal training programs will inspire and amaze you. Our personal trainers will offer both small and large group sessions, so EVERYONE, from the new-to-exercise to the elite and seasoned athlete, will find an exciting and affordable alternative to traditional one-on-one training. We change lives!


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