Back to Basics: Retro Fitness!

By Kelsey – May 2, 2011

Today, health and fitness is part of our daily routine. We keep food journals, sync workout stats to our iPhone and we’re always ready for the newest fitness dance craze. Let’s trace this love for our bodies back to its root– before fitness was a booming industry– when Americans were first learning how to get fit.

What began as a mild interest in the late 1970s really became a craze in the early Eighties. This neon-washed decade saw an incredible boom in cycling, jogging and other forms of exercise. Now, fitness has become such an big part of our lifestyle (and economy) that the fancier machines at the gym leave some longing for a simpler way.

So this afternoon, take yourself back to a less complicated workout. Revisit the ease, simplicity and sheer fun of Jane Fonda, neon unitards and sweat bands. Then crank up your iPod (come on, no one misses boom boxes) and hit the floor!

Buns of Steel: Check out this video and let the pink leggings do the talking. They’re all so happy! But really, buns of steel requires a lot of variance to keep your muscles guessing, so you’ll feel the burn in multiple areas.

The Firm: This was the first workout to combine aerobics and weights for a complete cardio workout. 32 years later, we’re still loving hybrid workouts, though now they’ve taken the form of combinations like pilates/boxing and yoga/spinning. Hybrid workouts are good because they keep your body engaged and your heart rate fluctuating. Oh, and don’t miss the original video for The Firm: click here.

Jane Fonda: You can’t mention fitness in the Eighties without mentioning the first woman of fitness herself. Unitard, matching socks, big hair… the woman has it all. Check out this video to see why the Jane Fonda workout fad wasn’t such a bad idea: it doesn’t require any equipment, so you can do it anywhere.


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