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By Emily Metzger – March 1, 2021

One of the greatest feelings of fulfillment is gifting thoughtful presents to those you love — including your pets! So many new and convenient pet products are hitting the market, and companies are upgrading the ways we care for our furry, little friends. These modern gadgets and gizmos can make life’s mundane canine challenges much easier on the owner and the pet. This month, the AFM team has rounded up some of the trendiest and unique products that will definitely have to be added to Fido’s Amazon wishlist. 


Collapsible Bowl 

From Amazon.

If you love bringing your pet along to work, to run errands or take walks, a collapsible bowl is a must. It is a portable and lightweight water bowl with a silver clasp that can be attached to a leash, belt, backpack, bike and more. Some bowls can hold over four cups of water or food, perfect for any size pet. They are dishwasher-safe and the flexible material is easy to clean. These are also great for travel, whether it be for a weekend road trip or while flying to your next vacation destination. 


Scratch-Proof Dog Seat Cover 

From Amazon.

As much as owners enjoy having their pups tag along on a car ride, sometimes dogs can leave a mark on your vehicle — scratching the seats, leaving dog hair or dirt everywhere or even accidentally going to the bathroom. Before Fido tags along on your next trip, consider getting an easy, attachable and scratch-proof dog seat cover to protect the integrity of your car while still getting to bring along your pet bestie. In this version found on Amazon, the durable, waterproof material makes it comfortable for your pet to cruise around on while also making it a trouble-free clean afterward. 


Cat Carrier 

Courtesy of More Than a Backpack.

This portable cat backpack from More Than a Backpack will give your kitten the opportunity to fully live out their dream of looking like a feline astronaut. The pet travel carrier is fashion-forward and keeps your cat close and safe. The large ventilation holes provide adequate air circulation, and it is lightweight to carry around, depending on the size of your cat. You can even add a small blanket at the bottom to make your cat even more comfy while coming along on an adventure!

PetSafe Smart Feeder

Courtesy of PetSafe.

Splurging on your pet does not necessarily have to be in the form of toys or a treat; it can also be something useful for you. Not ready to end the night out but need to feed your pet? This smartphone-controlled smart feeder lets you feed your pet anywhere, anytime with the click of a button. The feeder also offers slow feed options, so you can personalize the amount of food they receive — which can end up being very useful for owners who struggle with over- or under-feeding their pets. In addition, this smart feeder is also compatible with Alexa devices. Alexa, can you feed Fido?



Courtesy of Dandy.

Think about those popular IG ads for a pouch of customized daily vitamins  — but make it for your pup. This Austin-based company formulates a custom pack of four daily supplement treats that can be implemented into your dog’s daily diet. Ranging from $40-$50, your dog will receive a whole month’s supply of vitamins to better optimize their health and anxiety. The supplements are vet-formulated, non-GMO and contain all-natural ingredients. Forget researching and scouring the pet store to find the healthiest vitamins!



From IG: @pridebites

The local company has perfected customizable dog toys, collars, leashes, clothes, blankets, beds, bowls and so much more. They can work with your favorite brand or company to create pet products your dog and owner will love to show off. All you do is go to their website to personalize your product for the brand you wish to use, and PrideBites will reply within 72 hours with a mock-up presentation. So, instead of purchasing fun pet products that everyone else has, why not create your own!

Pet products are booming as owners constantly seek to make life easier, healthier and more fashionable for their furry friends. So, treat yourself and your pet to a new, fun product that will leave both you and your pooch thrilled!

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