In Review – Reality Edition

By Chad Nelson – March 25, 2014

My daughter recently asked if she could wear eye makeup. She’s a beautiful high school freshman “daddy’s girl” and until yesterday had never really expressed an interest in wearing it. We didn’t allow it until high school because I am an overprotective prude. It comes with the “father of a teenage daughter” package that also includes “I’ll break your hand if you don’t look me in the eye and grab mine like a man” and “I am so good at detecting lies that the CIA wants me.” For what it is worth, we agreed that she could wear eye makeup. It is not a big deal but as I took her to school this morning, I kept stealing glances and found my heart hurting a bit. She is growing up and there is no going back. Reality sucks sometimes.

Reality has crept into my fitness rebirth too. My days are filled with loads of desk time both in my day job and my side gig. It is not unusual for me to spend up to 15 hours a day behind a computer screen. Combine that with my age, weird weather, and a unique ability to gain weight while typing the words “gain weight,” and you have a recipe for stagnation. Here is the silver lining—I have enough control over my schedule to interrupt it for exercise. The reality is that I have not uh, “exercised” that control much for the last 16 months. Reality lags sometimes.

You may also remember that I am a moron for playing basketball without any physical preparation. It did prompt me to get my road bike fixed for when the weather stops convulsing. I have spin bike access so will continue to build endurance for the BP MS 150 from Houston to Austin in April.

I hope you are working toward something that challenges you and your expectations.  Although I am not much of a Star Wars guy, I do attribute something I share in ministry and motivational talks to Yoda: Do or do not.  There is no try.  Reality is an ugly puppet sometimes. 

Have a great week and drop me a note to share your challenges.

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