Keep Your Pet Hydrated with Nulo Hydrate

By Sponsored: Nulo – June 1, 2020

With all the attention on a dog’s food bowl, Nulo Pet Food is separating itself from the crowd and having some fun with the water bowl. Nulo Hydrate is the first nationally-marketed liquid water enhancer for dogs, designed to transform any bowl of ordinary water into a unique flavorful beverage with a nutritious edge – complete with electrolytes, branch-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and B-vitamins.

Hydration for pets is a key element of their daily health and many pet parents don’t realize that the most important nutrient a dog requires is water. A dog’s body is 67 percent water and to feel their very best, they need to stay well-hydrated – especially during the summer months when they can quickly become dehydrated. Hydration helps with digestion and circulation by allowing for better absorption of nutrients and facilitating nutrient movement throughout the body.

While nutrition is a big piece of the Nulo Hydrate story, there is a fun element to the experience as well. Nulo worked with some of the leading natural flavorists in the world to perfect a solution that uniformly distributes the nutrients in the water and creates an enticing, aromatic experience for dogs – making the water smell and taste like Beef Brisket, Rotisserie Chicken, Roasted Lamb or Pork Tenderloin.

Designed for easy on-the-go use, Nulo Hydrate comes in portable squeeze bottles – simply squeeze a few drops into your dog’s water bowl, serve at room temperature and watch them enjoy. Suitable for daily drinking for puppies and adult dogs.

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