The Things We Hold Dear

By AFM Team – June 1, 2018
Photos by Brian Fitzsimmons

Give your home a refresh while incorporating already existing items. 

When Loot Finer Goods reached out to work with our team, we wanted to showcase something a little untraditional—how to use the items you already have. 

The Loot collection consists of unique designs including upholstered French and Danish furniture, repurposed U.S. Army tents, Turkish hemp rugs, and African mudcloth. The shop also includes a curated selection of new items, such as macramé curtains, teak tables, woven pendant lights, and blankets. The shop’s Hold Dear mission encourages people to fill their homes with items that tell a personal story. 

Check out how they incorporated five existing decor items, along with new items from its collection, at our friends, Chris and Arielle Olfer’s home.

Back Wall and Wall Hangings (Pictured above)
Think outside of the box by hanging a blanket or tapestry on the wall. For the Olfer’s space, they hung natural textiles and vintage paint brushes above the sofa for texture, with the guitar on the opposite wall. 

Decorating in a small space comes with challenges. The medium-sized desk was taking up space near a big window and blocking out natural sunlight. They swapped out the white sawhorse desk for a smaller, natural wood desk that better fit the space.

House Plants
Incorporating house plants and fresh flowers as decor is an easy way to breathe life and add color to any space.

Antique Hand-Drill
They used Chris’ vintage hand drill from his grandfather as a decorative object. Little pieces can serve as small works of art and sculpture, as well as add a sense of character to the home. 

Coffee Table
Think about using a vintage chest or an interesting bench to serve as a coffee table. By adding in a multi-level coffee table, it gave the Olfer’s more space to display small items, including sailing knots from their wedding and a sculpture bought in Costa Rica.

Books and Travel Trinkets
Books and trinkets are great for shelves. Here they used Arielle’s grandfather’s vintage books, Chris’ guitar, and coral found on a beach in Tulum to use as shelf displays. 



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