Hydration Station

By Emma Whalen – June 1, 2017

It seems that every fitness, health, or beauty article ends with, “and don’t forget to drink more water!” Scientific studies supporting the importance of hydration for skin care, athletic performance, weight loss, fatigue, and pretty much any ailment are popping up everywhere. But if filling up a large glass of tap water every couple of hours isn’t exactly exciting to you, a seemingly simple health fix can become tedious. So what are your options? We’ve rounded up some new and innovative products that can make your hydration routine both interesting and effective. 


Sway Sparkling Water

Austin-based Sway Sparkling Water brings fizz and fruit to your routine without excess sugar and calories. Sweetened with real fruit, the flavors range from 5 to 20 calories per bottle. While some sparkling waters are over-the-top sweet with artificial flavors, the natural fruit in these keeps the taste subtle and refreshing. Some flavors are more understated than others. Strawberry is a bit bland, while mango and lemon ginger pack more of a punch. Be prepared to drink it in one sitting—the twist-off top doesn’t give you much of an option to store it for later and maintain the bubbles.


Nuun Performance

Seattle-based Nuun has been making natural, health-conscious electrolyte tabs since 2004. The flavored tabs turn regular water into a low-calorie sports drink. Now, Nuun has introduced Nuun Performance, a carbohydrate and electrolyte powder that provides sustained energy and hydration for long endurance training sessions. The loose powder allows you to customize the amount you consume based on your workout. (Although sessions less than 90 minutes are better served by the regular electrolyte tabs.)



Another option for turning water into a sports drink, DripDrop powder sticks are an oral rehydration solution (ORS), made of a balanced glucose-electrolyte mixture. One of the sweeter options in this product round-up (but containing only half the sugar of a regular sports drink), it also has a bit of salty taste to it. Like the Nuun performance powder, DripDrop contains carbohydrates for sustained energy and hydration. The zinc and electrolytes provide optimum hydration comparable to medical-grade solutions like Pedialyte. 


Detox Water

This aloe vera-infused water supports digestion and the immune system with its anti-inflammatory properties. It comes in lychee grape, pineapple mint and mango flavors, all sweetened with agave or stevia to keep calories low. At 15 calories per serving and 30 per bottle, you won’t feel guilty about forgoing plain water for this one. The original lychee-grape flavor is the smoothest and most subtle, while the mango tastes a bit artificial. The pineapple mint, however, tastes like a refreshing mojito without the regret. 


Boxed Water

Boxed Water won’t taste drastically different than most bottled water, but it will help you stay eco-friendly. This reverse-osmosis water is sold in three different sizes and in recyclable packages made from renewable materials. The focus on efficiency in packaging and delivery results in a low carbon footprint. 


Sunday Cats

Sometimes summer in Central Texas calls for more than a cold glass of water. To really cool down, consider a health-conscious popsicle. Sunday Cats organic freeze pops are made with simple ingredients. Fruit juice with coconut water and salt for a natural electrolyte source make these treats flavorful and hydrating. With flavors like watermelon, strawberry lemonade, and pineapple, you can indulge your craving for a snow cone without the sugar crash. 



​We know that sweating during a workout can lead to dehydration, but did you know that your summer travels can, too? With Hydralyte’s effervescent electrolyte tablets, you can fit it in luggage without a ton of added weight or any security concerns. It’s scientifically formulated to aid in rapid rehydration, and is mixed with tasty flavors like orange and berry.



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