Yoga Therapy: Fitness is a Whole Body Commitment

By Kelsey – May 2, 2011

The key to looking healthy is being healthy, which means feeling well inside and out. But it can be tough to figure in time for your mental health on top of trips to the gym, especially when payoffs from the elliptical are visible and immediate.

But health and fitness is a whole-body commitment, and we should all make time to integrate your mind, body and soul.

These elements of knowing are targeted simultaneously at Sundara Yoga Therapy. Here, clients experience a one-on-one yoga therapy session with classic postures. As the client transitions postures, the therapist might ask “What’s happening to your body right now?” By forcing you to listen to your body, Yoga Therapy hopes that you will learn to release emotions that may be pent up in your body.

The key elements of Yoga Therapy are a loving presence, a stretch with an edge and a breathing technique. The end result is often something bigger than yoga or therapy on their own; you reach a place of knowing rather than thinking.

This technique seems intent on teaching you to “Learn to discern the voice of the mind from the voice of the soul,” and many clients believe that is exactly what Yoga Therapy has taught them.

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