FML Workout: Resistance Bands

By Ashley King – July 1, 2017
Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

Get your summer body on point with this total body burning circuit. Sculpt all the right places in just 20 minutes flat! Repeat circuit 3x with no breaks.

1.Lower Body: Crab Walk in place

Equipment: Power loop band

Set-up: Place the power loop on both legs above the knee. Place the feet shoulders width apart with all of the weight in your heels, to activate the glutes and hamstrings.

Action: Start walking in place back and forth in a low deep squat position. Stay low the entire set. Then hold for a 10 count and follow with pulsing up and down for a 10 count. 

15 reps—hold for 10, pulse for 10


2. Upper Body: Double-Banded Bicep Curl

Equipment: Resistance band with Handles

Action: Place the resistance band under one foot midsole; grab both handles to get double the resistance.

10–12 reps each arm


3. Cardio: 8 Lunge Jumps/8 Touch Jumps

Action: Complete 8 lunge jumps followed by 8 touch jumps 3x with NO breaks.

Lunge Jumps: Place feet in a lunge position, jump to alternating lunge stance on opposite leg. Continue for 8 reps.

Touch Jumps: Place feet shoulders width apart and get in a squat position while you touch the ground; jump upward and back down to starting position. Continue for 8 reps.

Repeat 3x (no breaks)


4. Abs: Upright Tucks

Action: Sit on the floor in an upright position. Crunch forward with hands extended forward. Try not to touch the floor with your feet or your back. This ensures maximum resistance, thus working your abs harder.

8–10 reps


5. Lower Body: Glute Shuffle 

Equipment: Power Loop

Action: Stand in slight squat. The entire upper body should stay in a fixed position. Wrap the power loop around both feet midsole. Shuffle slow and steady one way for 10 reps and continue to the other side for 10 reps. Remember to stay very stiff in the upper body to get those glutes.

10 reps each way


6. Upper Body: Double Shoulder Raise

Equipment: Resistance band with handles

Action: Start with the resistance band under both feet with equal length on each side. Grab both handles with both hands. Lift upward laterally at the same time. Alternate the same movement forward. 

8–10 reps total


7. Abs: Upright Bicycle Crunches

Action: Sit upright on the floor alternate side to side placing opposite elbow to knee. Be sure to squeeze the obliques and go slow and controlled. 

8–10 reps

Repeat this circuit 3x for time. You just got your cardio and weights all in one quick efficient total body circuit!



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