Discover: Camp No Counselors

By AFM Staff – June 1, 2017
photo by Cody James

Did you grow up going to sleepaway camp during the summers? Or were you the kid who missed out and had to enviously listen to your friends recount all the cool things they did for weeks upon their return? Regardless of what your childhood experience was, Camp No Counselors is giving adults the opportunity to enjoy the all best parts of summer camp. Although they have locations across the U.S., plus a handful in Canada, they recently opened accommodations just outside of Austin.

Campers can expect to take part in all of the classic activities, such as archery, ziplining, canoeing, tie-dying, rock wall climbing, friendship bracelet making, capture the flag, and talent show night. With most attendees falling in the 25-35 age range, there are plenty of mimosas and beer to go around to add a little bit of buzz to the fun.

During their stay, campers are invited to participate in The Apache Relay, which combines an epic array of new and old activities into one massive relay. Campers are stationed around the camp as the relay moves station to station while everyone kayaks, runs, shoots basketballs, performs archery, completes a wheelbarrow race followed by a 3-legged race, bobs for apples, and more. Once all the stations have been completed, everyone meets at the last station—a massive slip 'n slide—for an epic game of Slip 'N Flip (slip 'n slide into flip cup).

Sign up with your significant other or round up a group of friends for a weekend getaway like no other. Plenty of people also feel comfortable going alone; Camp No Counselors is such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that any worry about feeling excluded dissipates soon after arrival.

The next Austin CNC weekend takes place in Vanderpool, Texas on Aug. 24-27.



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