No Excuse Moms

By Devyn Bernal – July 1, 2016
Photo by Weston Carls

Moms are all too familiar with the feeling of everyday chaos. With kids to take care of, errands to run, and work to be done as part of a neverending to-do list, it’s nearly impossible to find time for yourself. Busy days result in your workout becoming less and less of a priority. However, healthy living is crucial for you and your family—sometimes you just need a little bit of a boost from the right people.

That’s where No Excuse Moms (NEM) comes in. This supportive group of women put health and fitness toward the top of their list, next to tending to their families. A NEM prioritizes her health, her family’s health, and understands the impact her fitness and health can create in the community. These moms chose to transform their lives and continue to make that choice every day. Created in 2013 by mom of three Maria Kang, the group is now nationwide, and each chapter includes volunteers, online administrators, regional managers, and local leaders. 

The Austin chapter of NEM meets regularly to exercise, swap healthy recipes, try new workouts, and motivate each other to stay fit. Not only does Austin’s NEM receive discounts and free workouts often, but these moms also provide camaraderie and friendships for each other, to balance out their busy schedules. All of this is made possible by the nonprofit Fitness Without Borders, which funds most of the workouts and activities. The local chapter is led by Edith Salazar, director of operations of Texican Café and mother of two daughters. Salazar serves as a constant form of encouragement for Austin’s group of NEM, always finding new ways to be of help and a source of inspiration for anyone on the NEM journey. She leads the south and central Austin groups, and Andrea Glick leads the north Austin groups, making it convenient for moms all over the city.  

Don’t have children, but looking for a support group anyways? All women are welcome at NEM events, including those who don’t have kids. Simply anyone who strives to be healthier is embraced by the group.

“We are a group of moms who motivate each other, but we can take our motivation to any woman.” 

The Austin group has more than 1,000 members, but NEM is all about the more the merrier. If you’re looking for a group who doesn’t believe in quick fad diets, the newest workout craze or abiding by any specific diet rule, but rather a support group who lovingly pushes you to be better every day, consider joining NEM

Join the Facebook group “No Excuse Mom Austin, Texas for more details.


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