Four Gadgets To Help You Stay Fit and Healthy

By Zoe Allen – July 1, 2013

Four Gadgets To Help You Stay Fit and Healthy

With the constant innovation in technology, monitoring vital signs doesn’t need any assistance from a health professional, you can do it by yourself using a wearable piece of hardware. Aside from keeping you always motivated, these devices saves you money from regular clinic and hospital visits. In this post, we’ll feature some of the latest health and fitness gadgets that you might want to try to get that summer body in no time.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Even the weighing scale has evolved over the time. The Fitbit Aria Smart Scale is a battery operated apparatus that measures your BMI and provides a detailed report of your weight trends. It can lift a mass of up to 350 pounds. When connected to a Wi-Fi, it automatically uploads your stats directly to your Fitbit dashboard. Your personal data is then presented in charts with a suitable weight management suggestion. Even if you’re away from your PC to track your progress online, there’s a corresponding mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The equipment is also being offered at

MotoACTV Bike Mount

This biking companion manufactured by Motorola is a multi-purpose GPS-assisted touch screen device. The water-proof and dust resistant gadget collects your pace and distance traveled as well as the amount of calories burned. Just like the Fitbit, this tool links to an online platform. In there, you can set realistic short and long term goals and even analyze your daily and weekly performances. Plus, when you link it to a MOTOACTV Android app, you can see your real-time SMS, Facebook and Twitter notifications.

Scosche RHYTHM armband pulse monitor

This armband pulse monitor for iPhone and Android devices looks like a trendy piece of accessory. With yellow and charcoal accents combined, it will perfectly compliment with any gym outfit. Using Bluetooth, it syncs changes in your heart rate, speed, distance and amount of calories lost to an online RHYTHM web dashboard. You can also access the data by accessing its app. The armband also includes a play, pause, and volume buttons to control your phone’s music while working out. Since there is no active screen in the armband, its battery can definitely last for a longer period of time. Its only downside is that it only supports 33–feet distance from your smartphone.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity plus Sleep Tracker

This latest addition from Fitbit do not only track your daily activities, it also monitors your sleeping habits. During the day, the wireless activity tracker records all your movements (steps, distance, pace, no of stairs climbed and the amount of calories burned). At nightfall, it measures your sleeping cycle and uploads it to your Fitbit dashboard. Accessing your dashboard online will reveal all your activities and personalized suggestions based on your vitals. It is so small and light, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing it. It is also splash, rain and sweat-proof.

These are some of the coolest gadgets that you can use to stay fit and healthy. Keep in mind that this equipment will not be as effective as it seems without your dedication and discipline. Do you have any addition to our Fitness Wishlist? Don’t forget to share it by commenting below.

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