By AFM Staff – July 1, 2013
Photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

Don’t let the sun get the best of you this July! Make it a chill summer by keeping cool with these Fit Find products.

1. Polar Bottle Ergo, $19
The 22-ounce Polar Bottle Ergo is designed to keep your liquids cold twice as long as a conventional water bottle due to its low-density polyethylene. It’s BPA and phthalate free and features the Half-Twist Cap, which prevents leaking and spilling while still being easy to open. This product is also perfect for the Fourth—almost every material that goes into manufacturing the Polar Bottle is produced in the USA.

2. Cool Off Icy Herbal Towelettes, $8–22
Originally conceived as a handy tool to fight hot flashes, Cool Off Icy Cold Herbal Towelettes lower your body’s temperature by 13 degrees for as long as 60 minutes. Individually packaged and small enough to carry in a pocket, simply pull one out and wipe your neck and inner arms for an instant cooling sensation. There are no chemicals left on your skin; their natural cooling herbs, soothing botanicals, and essential oils leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and reenergized. Whether you’re perimenopausal, a pro-athlete, or just pretty sweaty, these handy wipes can help.

3. Coolture Cooling Vest, $280
It’s not every day that fitness wear boasts a fashion connection, but the Coolture came about when former DKNY designer Van DiBernardo decided to create an athletic-styled cooling vest. Lined with Outlast, a temperature-regulating fabric, and equipped with cooling panels that produce less condensation and last longer than gels or regular ice packs, the snug and fitted vests can lower body temperature before activity and during recovery periods. Coolture vests can also be used to provide cooling relief from a variety of medical conditions. Anywhere you want to be cool—after sports, picnicking on the Fourth, relaxing in a hammock for a nap—the Coolture Cooling Vest can keep you comfortable for up to four hours (at 85-degree temperature).

4. Seattle Sports Solar Camp Shower, $23
The 4-gallon Solar Camp Shower allows you to take a warm relaxing shower in the great outdoors. You simply fill Solar Shower with water, place it on a flat surface, and let the sunlight warm the bag; after three hours of sun exposure, water temperature can reach up to 115 degrees! Be sure to test the water for maximum comfort, especially in Texas. Hang the Solar Shower from a high point and enjoy a warm, PVC-free shower, while out in the wild.

5. YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball (Pint), $30
What’s your flavor? Make your own delicious and cold treats on the go with YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball, a new take on the old ice-cream-in-a-can recipe you may have tried at summer camp. Start with ice and rock salt; mix and add your favorite flavorings; shake it up—and, after ten minutes, open and enjoy some homemade ice cream without all the cranking.

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