By Monica Brant – January 1, 2022
Brian Fitzsimmons

If I had not been in fitness competitions years ago (1991-1999) and participated in some effective dance classes during those years to learn movement with music, I would have been incredibly intimidated by BEAT Fitness ATX. 

However, I did not need to find an excuse to join this fun class when suggested by AFM but could walk into it with eagerness in hopes that I would be able to follow at least parts of the dance section since it has been a minute since I was in a dance class.

BEAT Fitness ATX is a supercharged simple yet effective 50-minute dance, cardio and strengthening session where an attendee can expect to receive a full-body workout with (small, thankfully) weights all while increasing the heart rate at the same time. 

It was an overcast day with minimal heat for Texas, so that is always a treat! I found the location at the beautiful park setting easy enough and could leave my munchkin, Camy the Doxie – my super sidekick – in the car while I joined the session.

Monica dancing.

The owner of BEAT Fitness ATX, Jennifer Wooten, was all smiles welcoming me and had a small group of women and one brave man ready to tackle the session along with me. Some had been with her previously and some were new, like me. 

Thankfully, close by was a clean ladies’ room (since I was in some traffic due to the holiday time – yes, the day before Thanksgiving!). I know this is an important aspect when considering an outdoor session.

We started off with some full-body flows with energizing music that could get us all in “the mood” of dance AND movement. 

After a great warm-up, we went into specific movements that targeted different body parts. She had us bring some weights, such as 1- to 5-pound dumbbells, to utilize. 

I had, specifically, 5 and 3 pounds, and during the “shoulder” section, Jennifer handed me the 1-pound dumbbells. It’s crazy how heavy these become during this type of exercise. I do not own 1-pound weights, but should I return, I would invest in some! (Think of the Five Below store!)

During the session, we targeted arms, back, shoulders and legs with the movements and weights all while Jennifer choreographed simple yet fun dance moves to help us forget what might be burning. 

At some point, Coach Jennifer shared that we would no longer need the heavier weights, yet she was still able to cause significant muscle burn with the lighter ones.

At the end of the weighted workout, Jennifer guided us through a short dance routine that left me wanting more. It was so fun to get in the dance groove once again! 

Monica dancing.

After the session, I had an opportunity to meet the other attendees. This was not her typical class time so it was not as large a group as usual for BEAT Fitness ATX. However, many had a dance background and were enjoying revisiting dance, and some are brand new to the movement. 

At any rate, it was a delightful session, and I didn’t get my bootie handed to me, but I DID feel the session the next couple of days in all the right ways. I felt energized and had some light soreness in my shoulders and glutes… just the spots that needed it the most.

Coach Jennifer has a beautiful way of leading, coaching and bringing fun to all. I loved her energy and joy, and highly recommend joining her classes. Even if you don’t know how to dance, she will guide you, and you WILL be able to pick it up! 


Stay fit, Love Life and God Bless you!

Monica Brant

IFBB Fitness Olympia -1998

WBFF Worlds Figure Pro- 2010/2013


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