Lagree Workout

By Valentina & Mitch Gaylord – January 1, 2018
Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

This HIIT, strength training and Pilates-inspired workout utilizes the Lagree Fitness Megaformer™ to effectively combine strength, endurance, balance, core, mobility and cardiorespiratory training in each and every move. It is intense on the muscles, but low-impact and safe on the joints, spine and connective tissues. 

Reverse Catfish + Push-ups

Set-up: Hands on upper handlebars, shoulders over wrists, back in tabletop position, knees slightly bent, heels up and toes under the universal strap
Action: While stabilizing the upper body and engaging your core, slowly let the carriage go back. As your hips naturally drop, lower your upper body down for a slow-motion push-up. While rising up to the tabletop position, use the top of your feet to pull the carriage back to the starting position. 

Xpress Lunge

Set-up: Left foot on the back platform, right foot under the universal strap
Grab the red cables for a bicep curl.
Action: Make sure your hips are squared off as you lower down to the lunge position, keeping your knee over your ankle while hinging slightly at your hips. Lean your upper body forward, keeping your spine aligned. After hitting the bottom of the lunge, press down through the left heel as you slowly rise up to the starting position. 

Carriage Kicks

Set-up: From the bottom of the Xpress Lunge, raise the upper body up while keeping the left knee bent.
Action: Pull the carriage forward by bending your right knee and bicep curl the cables while keeping your upper body stabilized. 

Reverse Giant Plank to Pike

Set-up: Place both feet on the carriage under the universal strap and put your hands on the handle rails on the back platform.
Action: Allow yourself to slowly push the carriage back with your toes into a plank position.  Once your legs are completely straight, begin to raise your hips up as high as you can while bringing the carriage back to the back platform.  Engage your shoulder strength and drop your head slightly to increase flexibility and range.

Standing Inner Thigh + Plunger Pole

Set-up: Face sideways with your right foot on the front platform and your left foot on the carriage. Hold the plunger pole with both arms to raise and lower it as you move the carriage in and away.
Action: Slowly push the carriage away from the front platform as you keep your body centered over the Megaformer™. Simultaneously, raise your arms up as you push the carriage away and lower your arms as you bring the carriage back to the home position. 

Reverse Bear + Push-up

Set-up: Toes are on the front platform, hands on the 2, 3, 4 line, knees are bent and aligned with your hip.
Action: Slowly extend your legs and push the carriage away from the front platform into a plank position.  Then, do a slow-motion push-up and pull the carriage back to the starting position by bending the knees and keeping yourself in a perfect table top position.

Super Lunge

Set-up: On the carriage, left foot under the front universal strap, right toe on the back of the pocket
While holding the black cables, extend the arms forward while in the kneeling position.
Action: As you engage your quads while slowly rising up, begin to use your arms to pull yourself forward. The back should remain completely vertical as you rise up and as you bend both knees returning to the bottom of the lunge. 

Flying Mega Donkey Kick

Set-up: Left knee on the 5-6-7 line and raised one inch, left toe in the pocket, right foot is on the low curvy bar, shoulders are square with hands on the back of the carriage
Action: Keep your left knee up and push against the lower curvy bar, extending your right knee. Your spine should be aligned with the white line on the carriage and your hips and shoulders remain square. To return to the starting position, maintain your body alignment as you bend you right knee. 


Set-up: Place both hands on the upper handlebars at the front of the Megaformer™ and put your feet on the front of the carriage with your legs straight.
Action: Use your shoulder strength to push down through the upper handlebars. Lift your hips back and up while keeping your legs straight, then slowly return your hips to starting position underneath the shoulders.



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