Fit Field Trip: FIT Austin

By AFM Staff – December 3, 2017


What once was only a TRX equipment workout is now much more than that. They have rowing machines, self-driven treadmill, and three other workout stations that utilize medicine balls, bands and barbells. I was impressed by the fact that it didn't take much time to work up a sweat and feel a different kind of soreness afterwards because you're using stabilizing muscles in some of the TRX exercises. As a runner, I really liked the torture machine that is the self-driven treadmill. However, because it has harnesses and many levels of resistances, you can side-shuffle, back pedal or drive forward like you're pushing a sled. I can't wait to try out another class here.



Nestled on Manchaca just off of South Lamar is Fit Austin. A boutique studio that specializes in TRX band workouts as well as Matrix S-Drive Trainers. If you haven't been on an S-Drive Trainer, then you're in for a whole new level of workout. These treadmills are self-propelled with the ability to add resistance, incline and even a parachute resistance option. One minute on this thing had me huffing and puffing! Owner Lateef Johnson has done an amazing job of building a studio that maximizes diversity in its workouts with lots of equipment. You get both cardio and strength training by utilizing state-of-the-art TRX and Matrix equipment. What's even better is that the classes affordable and in small groups. I'd recommend Fit Austin for any fitness level – especially those that appreciate a focus on flexibility and improving range of motion in everyday life.



FIT stands for “Fun Intelligent Training,” at it was clear from the moment we walked in the studio that Lateef is truly passionate about this concept. He started us off at the TRX MAPS movement assessment. In just 30 seconds, a machine scanned each of our bodies as we did squats and provided a complete body assessment. Delivered on-screen and via email, I’m embarrassed to admit than both of the boys outperformed me. Lateef assured me that I could improve with the provided targeted exercise plans to address the areas in need of improvement (mine were activation and mobility). Then the workout ensued as Lateef led us through an Optimize 45 class. We worked up a sweat fast with TRX suspension training and a self-powered treadmill (the S-Drive). I love that I got a killer workout in under an hour – and the novelty of the exercises kept me stimulated mentally and physically! I will definitely be back for more.

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