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By Arielle Olfers – January 1, 2018
images provided by Kasita

Here at Austin Fit, we’re all about finding a fuller, simpler way of life. Kasita is doing just that, by building and designing tiny homes for the way we live. A Kasita is the perfect way to live lightly and functionally with everything you need within a 480-square-foot footprint. In a world where many are now seeking to minimize, Kasita has created a space that optimizes storage to do just that. Their concept is also a remedy to escalating land and housing costs. Available in Texas, and recently approved to manufacture and sell in Nevada and California, Kasita is changing the playing field for contemporary tiny housing

Kasita’s turnkey home-buying experience takes care of almost all of the inspections and permits and provides an all-in-one delivery. While the conventional home-buying process can take a year or more to complete, Kasita uses a faster, more streamlined approach. They handle all state-level permits so all you have to take care of are the local permitting requirements, foundation construction and utilities. Once this and the delivery are complete, installation only takes a few hours. 

Starting at $89,000, each Kasita is integrated with the latest smart home technology. All aspects of the home work seamlessly together to create a more efficient lifestyle. Each home is outfitted with a queen-size bed, kitchen, bathroom, fridge/freezer, cooktop and convection microwave oven. They also boast personalized light and temperature settings via Nest voice control with the Amazon Dot, built-in Sonos speakers and a video-enabled doorbell. Even better? A $1,000 deposit will secure your very own Kasita along with their warranty program.

After the recent hurricane season, disaster relief housing is top-of-mind here in Texas — and Kasita is tackling that problem, too. They’ve been communicating directly with FEMA and have begun development on the Kasita Lighthouse, a 379-square-foot home that can be doubled to sleep up to six people and is ADA-compliant. The Lighthouse has been designed to be deployed via lowboy trailer and placed on a foundation system, or even blocked on a driveway and connected to utilities much like an RV. The Kasita team is aiming to complete the manufacturing of these units very soon so that they can help with disaster relief efforts around the country, especially here in Texas. 

Kasita is aiming to help displaced individuals from the aftermath of storms like Harvey and is creating a space for those looking to enter into homeownership without long-term commitments. This compact home will bring out the minimalist in all of us — everything you need within sight and within an arm’s reach at any given time. Whether you’re looking for a single dwelling space, the man cave you’ve always wanted, a side-hustle dwelling to list on Airbnb or a studio or workspace — Kasita can cover it all.  

Visit the live prototype and see a Kasita during their weekly open house in East Austin on East 4th Street, Thursdays between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. 



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