Nashville Fit Magazine

By Devyn Bernal – January 1, 2017

To celebrate our 20th birthday, we have partnered with Nashville, Tenn. to present Nashville Fit Magazine, our first branch off of AFM. In a city known for its music, universities, and healthcare (sound familiar?), Nashville Fit Magazine will be the first and only publication focused on keeping residents fit, healthy, and active. NFM’s mission is just as clear as ours: to educate, motivate, and inspire the community to live a happy, healthier lifestyle through a balance of health, fitness, and nutrition. We couldn’t be prouder.

Ryan Freebing, owner and publisher of NFM, is passionate about making this new venture an integral part of the city’s fitness community. NFM intends to spotlight the best health and fitness the Music City has to offer in each of its quarterly issues. The first issue will be out this month, but their website ( already hosts several articles to give a taste of what’s to come. The list of contributors for the magazine includes several professional nutritionists and bloggers, (such as Bailey Rae of the Local Vegan) and various trainers and gym owners, (including Terry Barga of Life Fitness Academy). Read everything there is to know about Nashville’s fitness community through NFM’s four topics: fitness, nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle. There is even a link to buy ‘Music City Fit’ shirts and tanks to add to your ‘Keep Austin Fit’ closet collection. We may have already bought one of each.

The launch party for NFM will be held on Thursday, Jan. 19, at CrossFit H Dub in Nashville. The evening will include some of the city’s most popular health and fitness brands, and will introduce trendy workouts and studios—plus, there will be an aerial appearance from Suspended Gravity Circus. There will also be experts in nutrition and Paleo cuisine, tasty treats from local chefs, and a chance to network with fellow fitness buffs and get involved with the wellness community. For those of you in Austin, be sure to spread the word to your Nashville friends and family, as the event is free and a great kick-off to the future of NFM.

We have treasured our relationship with the fitness lovers of Austin for two decades, and have high hopes that the citizens of Nashville will be just as welcoming towards Nashville Fit Magazine. If you ever find yourself in “Music City U.S.A.,” be sure to stop by and check out NFM, and tell them AFM says hello. Until then, we look forward to another 20 years to #KeepAustinFit, and Nashville Fit Magazine will stay #MusicCityFit.


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