Emphasizing the “Man” in Manicure

By Jasmin Carina Castanon – January 1, 2014


Nail maintenance, like brushing your teeth, could be considered a necessity.  While many women embrace this idea, it can seem like a foreign concept for some men. Austin Fit Magazine ventured downtown to Milk + Honey Salon and Spa to speak with manager Summer Langhorne for the 411 on nail care for guys and girls.

Be comfortable with having your nails done.   There is no stigma attached to looking and feeling good. You’ll walk a little taller and be more confident in a handshake (and when holding hands) if you know you’re putting your best self forward. 

manicure1When choosing a nail salon, look for current licensing to make sure they’re in good standing with the Texas Department of Cosmetology, which completes annual reviews.  This posted licensing ensures that the salon is meeting sanitation standards to reduce the risk of client infection. Utensils should be new or sanitized between each client; if you don’t see any kind of sanitizing equipment for nail scissors in the vicinity, this should raise a major red flag. Follow your instincts: If you walk in and the place seems dirty, turn around and walk out. 

A basic manicure generally includes a hand soak followed by nail maintenance, which includes clipping, filing, and cuticle work. More luxurious packages are always available.  These might include a hand massage and nail polish application.

Do not bite your nails. Some men bite their nails all the way to the nail bed, and it is difficult to recover from that.  Plus, think about the germs involved when you put your unwashed fingertips into your mouth, especially during cold and flu season.

Leave hangnails to the professionals.   It’s easy to end up doing more damage than good when you attempt to deal with these skin tears yourself.

Your lunch break is actually a great time to get your nails done.  A manicure generally ranges from 20 minutes to an hour in duration, depending on the type of services you’ve requested and how much time you have to spend. You can be in and out, or you can be treated to a lunchtime of relaxation. It’s your call.

Date Night Tip:  A memorable and creative outing can be hard to pull off, but a modern man isn’t afraid to put some polish on date night by arranging for his-and-hers manicures. You can sit next to each other, talk, have a glass of champagne, and then go out to dinner afterwards.  Who doesn’t love being pampered?




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