Failure is the First Step to Success

By Contributor – December 4, 2013

Our imagination has a vibration and it has ability to change the course of action around us. So, thinking positive is mandatory to have a happy life. However, many of us tend to think negatively most of the times and it affects our lives. It also paves way to fear and stops people from acting in certain cases.

Rejection plays as a spoilsport in many cases and some people are not good at accepting rejection and it also creates a fear of rejection. Rejections tend to happen in many places in our lives. It might come from our loved ones or from an educational institution. How one takes a rejection and changes their mindset is very important. Adopting a positive mindset will help you at any cost and it will make you to deal with your life.

If we have a habit of having negative thoughts all the time, it will make us feel trapped. Moreover, having such thoughts will make you brittle and you won’t be able to accept rejection from anyone. Negative mindset affects your ability to do any kind of work and it will make you believe that you can’t succeed at anything. It will create a losing mentality and you will resist taking up any work. Failure is always a stepping stone to success and one should not be afraid of failure. Failing in a business will only make us better and it will give us the potential to come across any kind of failure in the future. When you are not afraid of failure, you can make any kind job a success without any constraints.

However a positive mindset will make you believe in yourself and you will have a control over your life. Rejection will not affect you in any case and it will help you to take up any kind of work. If you have a positive mentality, then rejection is not going to cause any damage to your perspective. It will make you to thrive for success despite continuous rejection.
In case if a person approaches a girl and asks her for a date, there is a possibility of rejection over there. A person with a negative mindset will become a loser and stop approaching the girls in the future. But the person with the positive mindset will try to make himself better in such cases. He will eventually be able to talk to women and taste success in dating.

What we got to learn here is that with a positive mentality we can make anything possible and there won’t be any fear of rejection. Rejection is always a learning experience and people who experienced failure can only achieve big in their life. It is a known fact that people who have seen a lot of failure in their life become more successful in future. Failure is always the secret to success and it leads you to a better life.

There are many people in the world who have tasted success in their life after a series of failures. Lucille Ball was rejected from the drama school stating that she is too shy to be an actress. But, she became one of the successful actresses and she was also a television personality. The Beatles were turned down by a production company indicating that guitar music is on its way out. However, the Beatles become a successful band and still rule the world of music. Thomas Alva Edison was told that he doesn’t have the ability to learn anything and he went on to become a successful scientist by creating a lot of devices. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper stating that he doesn’t have the ability to create anything and that he lacks imagination. However, everyone knows what he envisioned and what he developed. Abraham Lincoln was defeated in election for eight consecutive times, but he went on to become the President of United States of America.

The list goes on and these people have succeeded in their lives only because of their positive mindset. Some great icons like Albert Einstein, Stephen king and Jack Canfield experienced rejection in their life and still become successful in their fields only because of their positive approach to their work in spite of the results.
There will always be a lot of thorns on the road to success. Rejections are just like thorns and it should not affect your journey at any cost. You are facing a lot of challenges and obstacles only because you have the ability to tackle all of them. It is better to accept the failures and learn from our experience to lead a successful life. Failure is always a stepping stone to success. One should not get tired of trying something continuously. If you have faith in yourself, you can win anything in this world. All you got to do is giving your best in any kind of work you do and success will be yours.



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