AFM's Fittest Challenge

By Contributor – February 2, 2012

Last month, Austin Fit Magazine (AFM) announced the June 2012 challenge to find Austin’s Fittest. Here is a sneak peek at the ten events used to determine the fittest man and woman in our fair city. (Registration information and other details are coming soon.) AFM required the tests to be measurable and clear as well as challenging in terms of speed, endurance, strength, and power. With expert advice from international combine consultants, the tests were selected. Here is the list, in the order competitors must complete them (because the order is part of the challenge): Check back soon for more details about these tests; you’ll find demonstration videos and be able to read more here on our FITblog. Also, check out Diane Vives’s “Muscle Movement of the Month” in each issue for help in your training. Pick up next month’s issue for information about how you can get ready to take the challenge!

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