Training Pain: Easing the Aches

By Caroline – February 2, 2011

It’s training season, and with a slew of marathons, triathlons, and adventure races looming large, there is more than one of us out there feeling the hurt. “No pain, no gain,” might be enough to get you through your workouts, but what about afterwards when your (insert body part here) is screaming? Here are some ways to ease the ache and get yourself ready for the next round.

Heel and Sole Tightness (Runners)

  • Quick Fix: Sit in a chair and place a cold can of soda on its side. Using medium pressure, roll the can back and forth. The cold will ease the swelling and the massage will ease the pain.
  • Long term: Consider a new pair of sneaks. All that training may have work out the support in your favorite pair.

Sore Shins (Runners)

  • Quick Fix: You have most likely developed shin splints, from doing too much too soon. Wrap ice cubes in a thin rag and rub firmly up and down either side of your shinbone for 15 minutes. This will reduce the inflammation of the surround tissue.
  • Long term: If scaling back the mileage is not an option, swap a few runs for a dirt trail or a treadmill

Tingling Hands (Cyclists)

  • Quick Fix: Relax, release the death grip on the handlebars, and stop leaning. As you lean forward you bear too much weight on your hands.
  • Long term: Your abs need a little attention, so they can provide the support you need. Increase the crunches.

Knee Pain (Cyclists)

  • Quick Fix: Incorrect motion while pedaling, the wrong seat height, and overuse can all contribute to swollen, aching knees. Make sure your seat height is accurate by placing your heels on the pedals, and pedaling backwards. Your knees should fully extend in the down position. With the balls of your feet on the pedals, you should have the right bend in your knee.
  • Long term: Strong quads go a long way when it comes to knee health. Add wall squats or leg presses into your routine.

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