Lose Your Love Handles

By Kelsey – February 2, 2011

Lose Your Love Handles

In spite of the technical mumbo jumbo that’s involved with naming parts of the human body — or maybe because of it —we’ve all come up with paltry pet names for our most hated parts. Take the funny bone, for example.

What exactly is that anyway?

Or how about love handles — our most despised bits of skin that collect around our waists? This has to be the biggest misnomer of all. While we can easily spend hours at the gym trying to eliminate even the slightest hints of fat, what we should be focusing on is what we’re putting on our plate. Because when you’re trying to kick love handles out completely, you have to make changes to your diet. So in keeping with our Valentine’s Day “love” theme, here’s a list of simple dietary tips to help you call it quits with your love handles, for good.

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