Clean That Cubicle!

By Caroline – February 2, 2011

You can just go right ahead and make 20 bucks licking the office toilet seat on a dare, because odds are you’re going to get sick from somewhere else – your cubicle. In fact, the average cubicle contains 21,000 germs per square inch, which is 400 times more germs than that toilet seat you lower with your foot. On average, you touch 30 objects per minute in your workspace, and each one is a little germ-bomb waiting to explode all over you and attack your immune system. This flu season, try some of these easy ways to win the ongoing battle with germs.

  • Shared spaces like office kitchens are germ headquarters. I wasn’t kidding about that toilet seat – about 20% of office cups contain coliform bacteria, which is related to fecal contamination. Keep your own mug and wash it regularly.
  • Wipe down your space (keyboard, phone, monitor, etc.) with a disinfectant on a daily basis. Lysol Sanitizing Wipes are a cheap way to do it quickly and effectively.
  • I know your mom told you all the time, but wash your hands! And if you are desk-bound, hand sanitizer with alcohol is a great alternative.

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