The Best Local Wellness Brands of 2022

By Katerina Cotroneo – December 1, 2022

Wellness is a word we often hear, especially when it comes to “self-care,” but what exactly does it mean? In short, wellness means to literally be well and to stay well

There are many wellness brands in Austin that aim to help you find and maintain this wellness, but we’ve narrowed it down to three that are worth your while. Check out our top choices below!

Presence Wellness

Presence Wellness.

Photo courtesy of Presence Wellness

Mental wellness is just as essential, if not more, than physical wellness, and at Presence Wellness, your mental well-being is the top priority. From group therapy to individual or couples therapy, there are different routes you can take to ensure you feel safe and supported!

Their integrative psychiatry with top-notch clinicians and “person-centered approaches” leaves you feeling on the right track again. Especially with a major increase in depression and anxiety disorders in the world, it’s crucial to find a place where you can cope with the harsh realities of life and your personal stressors in the healthiest way possible. 

Presence Wellness offers not only sessions but also healthy alternatives such as yoga and meditation, so it truly is a wellness space that feels like a home away from home. It’s rare to find a place with the buoyancy that will meditate alongside you, talk you through your feelings and prescribe medications if necessary, all at the same place. 

Saving Face founders.

Photography credit to Katerina Cotroneo

Saving Face – Body & Mind

Where do you go when you aren’t feeling quite like yourself? What do you do when you aren’t sleeping right and have brain fog or anxiety, but your primary doctor says you’re “just fine”?

Saving Face is a great local brand to help with just that! The owner, Brooke Nichol, started her wellness center when her husband was battling mold toxicity and she was battling COVID; they both felt “they had nowhere to turn for their symptoms.” 

Saving Face.

Photo courtesy of Saving Face

Thus, Saving Face was born in May 2022 and today, they aim to ensure that you like what you see when you look in the mirror AND within yourself. They’ll start with a consultation to figure out what could be putting you out of sync — could it be your hormones, environment or health habits? 

If you’re recovering from cancer, struggling with alopecia or an autoimmune disease, or losing big chunks of hair, Saving Face has got you covered. They care about their patients’ priorities, no matter how big or small, and will leave you looking and feeling your best. 

Person at Alive + Well.

Photo courtesy of Alive + Well

Alive + Well

Alive + Well is your all-in-one space for holistic pharmaceutical needs, wellness, spa therapies and functional medicine. This brand was built on the principle of “whole health,” and they certainly delivered. 

Their restorative programs are incredible for your body to be proactive and preventative, whether it be a reflexology session or ozone therapy. You can grab a B12 shot or CoQ10 if you’re having a migraine and need some extra help to get through the day. Their team is there to help you feel the best you can and make it as convenient for you as possible. Their pharmacy fills not only their recommendations and compounds but also traditional prescriptions as well, so it truly can be your all-in-one pharmaceutical care. 

Alive + Well.

Photo courtesy of Alive + Well

You can become a member, get a day pass or simply schedule your procedure. However, be wary, as you’re sure to become a frequent visitor; it’s not often you find one spot where you can get a facial, massage, acupuncture and pick up your prescriptions.

I hope these top wellness brands in Austin make a difference in your health this next year. Take care, and get well — you deserve it!

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