Convenience Meets Care: Austin’s All-in-One Integrative Pharmacy

By AFM Team – December 1, 2016

The Victory Medical Center has been Austin’s home for traditional and holistic healthcare for over two decades, and in the last six years has provided an inviting and accessible pharmacy for any nutraceutical needs. As expected, the pharmacy stocks and refills prescriptions, but VMC also boasts a wide and detailed “wellness wall”—a selection of vitamins, nutritional supplements, and the most effective over-the-counter remedies on the market—not to mention custom-made medications produced in VMC’s compounding lab. At VMC Pharmacy, their wellness department includes trained nutrition coaches and supplement specialists who provide an integrative and preventative health approach alongside the traditional pharmacy practices. 

Victory Medical Center has always been a well-known resource to receive prescribed medicine, but the pharmacy is a gem that few Austinites realize is at their disposal. Located off of Highway 71 and South Lamar Boulevard, the pharmacy is located on the south side of the 18,000 square-foot facility. Upon walking in, there is a cozy cafe where you can order a coffee or smoothie, and even choose your own protein enhancers to personalize your drink. If you’re looking for a quick stop-and-go, VMC Pharmacy’s drive-thru saves you time on your errand. But at least once, it’s worth parking your car and taking a stroll inside for a lesson or two on methods to benefit your overall health. Before you have the chance to be intimidated by VMC Pharmacy’s wall of nutraceutical and medicinal needs, one of the many wellness consultants will assist you and answer any questions you may have. Under the direction of the wellness director, each consultant has been comprehensively trained in new programs and workshops, and will help determine which whole food vitamins, minerals, energy shots, local honey and bee pollen, sports performance inducers, etc. would best suit your body. Because VMC is a compounding pharmacy, specially trained pharmacists can prepare custom medications prescribed by their doctors and formulated for your needs, and the needs of whoever else you’re shopping for (hello, flu season). There are even easy-to-read charts available to point you in the direction of which vitamins could possibly be depleted in your body due to medications you may be taking. If shopping online is more your thing, VMC Pharmacy offers free delivery within Austin’s city limits. Could they make your one-stop shop for beneficial heathcare any easier?

Victory Medical Center has always strived to anticipate patient needs and provide a full-spectrum of medical care, and this did not fall short with the pharmacy. Its unique, “home-style” experience—all of the in-house services, such as hormone creams (sterile and non-sterile) and its promotion of natural agents against deficiencies from certain meds—makes Victory Medical Center Pharmacy the highest quality and dedicated shop for the generally healthy community that is Austin.


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