New to Austin: January 2016

By AFM Staff – January 1, 2016

Wild Arrow

Wild Arrow is bringing a fun flair to fitness and yoga mats. The online boutique was started by two UT students (roommates, best friends—you know how college goes) who shared a passion for business and adventure. For those who love to shop local, the mats are produced in the heart of Austin. From cactus prints to southwestern patterns, Wild Arrow fitness mats make a bold statement, and will continue to do so with a variety of new designs launching in the near future. These mats are so chic, everyone in yoga class will be asking you where they can buy one.


EastWest Bottlers

From an array of apothecary goods including soaps and aftershave balms, home items such as candles, and press-worthy fragrances, the stench of gym clothes and sweat will soon be no more. The EastWest signature colognes Moonshine and Bluegrass have already been highly praised by various publications, and the women’s Speakeasy perfume have savory notes that convey sophistication. EastWest is all about providing the best quality products through small-batch processing as well as running their business and treating their customers with southern values.


Plates on Plates Fitness

Proper nutrition is essential to achieving your health goals, regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle or perform better. The challenge is often knowing how to eat right in order to make the most of your training. This is the core of Plates on Plates Fitness, a new high-intensity interval training boot camp here in town. Additionally, they provide you with pre-made meals before sending you on your way to a better bill of health. The full-body workouts coupled with the delicious dishes are a winning combination, and will put you on the fast track to noticeable results. Plates on Plates is offering an approach to fitness and nutrition that can be molded to anyone’s lifestyle—no excuses. 



Cove is making an upgrade and moving from their temporary space into a two story, custom designed shop. This women’s boutique is native to Austin but the products are inspired from world travels and retreats. Browse through the assortment of swimwear, casual wear, and accessories, or stop by to simply enjoy the ambience of South Congress Avenue and take part in prime people watching through the extraordinary floor-to-ceiling windows. The selection at Cove offers the Austin woman a type of style that can’t be found anywhere else in town. From swimwear, to everyday-wear, to accessories, allow your trip to Cove to inspire elegance and effortlessly escape the ordinary.


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