Mapping Your Fitness

By MapMyFitness – December 4, 2013

Step 1: To get started using the app, open the app from your home screen. If you haven't registered with us, you can create an account by clicking on either "Sign up manually" or "Sign Up With Facebook." You may be greeted with a request to allow MapMyFitness to use your GPS/Location Services. Allow it. 

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Step 2:  After logging in, the Record screen will appear. This is where you can begin your workout. Make sure your activity type is correctly selected – run, walk, ride, and so on – and then select “Start Workout.”

If you have a heart rate monitor or other sensor, you should pair the device before beginning. You will see illuminated icons above the map for all connected devices. MVP features such as mobile coaching and Live Tracking will also appear on this screen.

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Step 3: During you workout, you may select “Pause Workout" if you would like to drop a pin for other runners, or take a photo along your route. Your activity will pause. When you are ready to begin again, select “Resume Workout.”

If you are finished with your workout, “Slide to Finish.” Once you have finished your workout, the activity will automatically sync so you can view in your workout history, profile, or online.

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Extra Tips: You can also view and repeat favorite routes. Select the desired route, and then select “Do it.” The exact route will then appear on your screen.


Extra Tips: Stay in the know by adding your friends and family to your MapMyFitness network. You can view their workouts and comment directly for extra motivation.


Extra Tips: Fitness and health go hand in hand. Keep a daily log of your nutrition within the app. By entering your height and weight information, a suggested calorie allotment will appear and adjust based on entered food and drink items.


Take your fitness to the next level and start mapping it today!



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