Biking vs. Running accidents and injuries

By Kelsey – December 2, 2010

Caleb Kenna for The New York Times

Even though it’s rarely a deterrent, bikers know that injuries and accidents come with the territory of biking outside. This knowledge may not prevent a ride, but after a crash, many times the first reaction is to swear off biking forever.

Gina Kolata’s recent article in the New York Times details her experience after a crash on her bike resulted in a broken collarbone. After the fall, her immediate reaction was “to say I would never ride on the road again.”

“I’ve since heard from other cyclists who broke bones or were badly bruised and shaken up in crashes. Many say they, too, vowed, at least initially, never to ride outside again. It’s not a universal response, but it is so common that cyclists nod their heads when they hear my reaction to my injury.

Yet almost no one swears off running after an injury, even though — and I speak from experience — a running injury can keep you away from your sport at least as long. And that made me wonder: is a cycling injury qualitatively different from a running injury? Is it the drama of a crash, or is it that a crash makes you realize you could actually be killed on a bike? Is it the type of injury? Or the fact that you can feel, as I did, that the accident was unfair and out of your control?”

Read the article and tell us what you think below. Why do you think the reaction to a biking accident is so different from a running injury? Have you fallen off your bike and sworn never to ride again? Join the discussion!

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