Weston's Popsicles

By Anne Wilfong, R.D., L.D. – August 1, 2013
Photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

Named for Austin Fit Magazine’s art director, Weston’s Popsicles are a fun and sweet treat to enjoy on a hot summer day.

What You Need

6 ounces frozen blackberries
1 tablespoon honey
4 ounces coconut water
6 ounces non-fat lemon Greek yogurt
Dixie cups
Popsicle sticks

How to Make It

1. In blender or food processor, puree blackberries, honey, and coconut water. Taste and adjust sweetness with honey as desired.
2. In the bottom of the Dixie cup, place approximately 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt and then fill remainder of the cup with the pureed fruit. Insert stick into cup and freeze for at least 2 hours.
3. When frozen, peel off the cup and serve the popsicles immediately.

Makes 8 popsicles
Serving size: 1 Popsicle


Calories: 40
Carbohydrate: 9g
Protein: 2g
Fat: 0g
Fiber: 1g
Sodium: 10 mg


If the consistency of your fruit mixture is thin and the Popsicle stick won’t stand up, freeze the popsicles for approximately 30 minutes until the fruit is slushy and slightly thickened. Then, add the sticks and replace in the freeze to continue hardening.

Consider other fruit and yogurt combinations

Mango with strawberry Greek yogurt
Blueberries with lemon Greek yogurt
Strawberries with peach Greek yogurt
Mixed berries and vanilla Greek yogurt

Did you know: 1 cup of blackberries has about 8 grams of fiber. Fiber not only helps maintain our GI health but may also play a role in improving our immune system.

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