Looking Chic as an Athlete

By Joey Miller – August 1, 2013
Photo by Stacy Berg

Austin Fit Magazine asked Joey Miller, owner of Vain Salon (1803 Chicon), to provide an updated, athlete-friendly hairstyle for one lucky woman. Miller, who is a runner herself, treated her subject to a makeover that will certainly banish a summer slump and provide a pick-me-up to any workout.

Annie is an athlete in the Austin area. Annie started her makeover with an expert eyebrow shaping to define her features and a 90-minute facial to prepare and perfect her skin. She also received a skin analysis, Ayurvedic body balancing, and an oil treatment for her hair.

Annie and I consulted to design a cut and color that worked for her lifestyle; we decided on a summer-to-fall makeover that really provides energy and artistic expression.

Choosing a fluid, asymmetrical haircut and deep rich colors, such as a chestnut brown highlighted with black and purple hues, created a 3-D effect, adding bounce and dimension.

The cut is designed to expose Annie’s face. From her eyebrow, a “C” shape opens the collarbone, which shows off her upper body strength and allows a soft, flowing shape. The support starts in the back in the middle of the head, giving directions from right to left.

The points in the cut help diffuse the weight throughout the style; without these points, the cut would require a lot of styling and maintenance. All this style needs is a little product and either air drying or five minutes of blow drying.

Annie's cut will grow out well, so the upkeep is about every three months, though each individual will have a different maintenance schedule for support and health of hair. The final product is a cut and color that's easy to manage for an active lifestyle.

Products and Services Used:

Facial: Jacqueline Riley, esthetician
Osmosis Skin Care
Haircut, color, and styling: Joey Miller
Wella Hair Color
Kevin Murphy Easy Rider (styling product)


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