Event Photos and Best in Test Results

By Jordan – August 7, 2012

Best in Test Results

Dynamax Standing Med Ball Toss
Judy McElroy (35) threw the med ball 26 feet. Brandon Drenon (24) threw the med ball over 41 feet.

Fitness Institute of Texas Standing Broad Jump
Faith Fleischman (30), Jaclyn Keys (28), and Judy McElroy (35) all jumped 94 inches. David Braswell (29) and Brandon Drenon (24) both jumped 133 inches.

Dane's Body Shop 40-Yard Dash 
Kristy Harris (37) ran the 40-Yard Dash in 5.09 seconds. Terrence Sims (31) ran the 40-Yard Dash in 4.40 seconds.

Body By Frame Agility Cone Run 
Breanna Campbell (24) finished the Agility Cone Run in 7.81 seconds. Yancy Culp (40) finished the Agility Cone Run in 6.85 seconds.

Oatmega Bar Precision Throw
Robin Pettinger (30), Alissa Magrum (37), Desiree Fournier (32), and Judy McElroy (35) got 4 out 5 throws. David Courtright (47), Dane Krager (33), Deric Williams (42), Conrad McCue (22), and Trervor Ross (33) made 5 out of 5 throws.

Pure Austin Pull-Ups 
Sarah Stewert (34), Jessica Estrada (29), and Jessica Tranchina (35) completed 21 military-style Pull-Ups. Bradley Swail (26) completed 36 military-style Pull-Ups.

CrossFit Central Burpees 
Judy McElroy (35) completed 46 Burpees in 1 minute. David Braswell (29) completed 46 Burpees in 1 minute.

Castle Hill Fitness Hand Grip 
Vanessa Fahey (27) and Judy McElroy (35) squeezed 135 pounds on the Hand Grip test. Jeremy Kampen (33), David Braswell (29), Steven Ward (42), and Trevor Ross (33) each received 200 pounds, the maximum score measured, on the Hand Grip test.

Camp Gladiator Interval Run 
Jackie Brambalow (28) got to level 8 on the Interval Run. Greg Cook (24) completed all 10 levels on the Interval Run.

RunTex 1-Mile Run 
Jessica Tranchina (35) ran one mile in 6:11. Scott Rantall (31) ran the mile in 5:04.

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