How Your Home Can Enhance Your Mental, Physical and Social Health

By Katerina Cotroneo – April 1, 2022

Dedicated spaces are just as important to your lifestyle routine as dedicating anything else, such as time or allowances. You must give priority to your space the same way you do with your time. 

With that said, spring is the perfect time to reevaluate your space and make room for the new! “Spring cleaning” only goes so far — a space you occupy often needs to be a comfortable and motivating environment. 

Fortunately, my mother, Regina Cotroneo, is an award-winning designer in Austin for Laurel Haven Homes. She shared some tips on how to create a space as such. 

Regina Cotroneo, designer.

Photography credit to Katerina Cotroneo

“Deep clean, simplify, rearrange,” Cotroneo says. “Sometimes it’s just a matter of what you can take away to make space for a yoga studio or art space — whatever activities you may be into most.” 

You have to prioritize your happiness, and by doing so, your space reflects that inevitably. Whether it’s in your townhome, one-bedroom apartment or dream custom home, every area is a blank canvas that you get to design with yourself in mind. 

Cotroneo emphasized it is important to welcome physical, emotional and social well-being into the space you’re creating. Studies have even shown your environment is directly linked to your mental health

If your space is cluttered and reflects none of the things that bring you joy, you will inevitably feel more anxious. Bare walls and bland colors are going to make your home feel less like a safe space and more of a depressive dumping ground for the artifacts of your life. 

How to Build an Empowering Space

So how can we ensure your space promotes mental health? For starters, make your home welcoming. If you don’t have the proper furniture or area to have guests over, it is difficult to host social engagements. You should be able to say, “Come over!” and proudly welcome friends and family. So make sure you have a cozy sofa for your guests or even nice bar stools around your kitchen island. That way, you can feel comforted knowing they enjoy your space just as much as you enjoy having them there. 

If you’re more introverted or want to focus on your inner self, perhaps a mediation corner or updating your patio to be a place you can be with your thoughts or a reading nook in a serene area. Again, your space is what you make it!

Another way of ensuring your space promotes your mental and physical health is prioritizing that space in your home. If you have a treadmill tucked under your sofa, the odds of you pulling it out are slim to none. If you find a way to make it work in your space, the odds of you hopping on it after work for even 30 minutes are much higher. 

“The days of hiding your equipment for the sake of the aesthetics are done,” Cotroneo says. “Most of my clients proudly showcase their treadmill or Peloton in a designated home gym or otherwise.” 

For those of us not lucky to have ample space and square footage for a workout room, multipurpose rooms can save the day. A multipurpose room could be an office/workout space or a guest room/office — anything that makes your space as optimal as possible for your lifestyle or the lifestyle you are striving for. 

If you are not loving your space but are unable to move, that doesn’t mean you have to continue to dislike where you live. 

“A simple apartment or townhome has the potential to set the tone for your life,” Cotroneo says. “Get out of your pragmatic zone and invest in a beautiful rug that will not only elevate your space but your mood.”

Cotroneo emphasizes taking care of one’s space is just as important as taking care of one’s energy and overall well-being. 

So what’s necessary for a spring revamp? Know how to simplify, invest and prioritize. 

Simplify your space to make room for the things in your life that matter most, whether it be a dining set to share meals with friends or a home gym area to work on your physical health. Invest in quality furniture and details that will elevate your happiness and overall aesthetic, which could include vintage posters of your favorite artists or a new sustainable bed set. And last but certainly not least, prioritize your well-being and ensure your space is fit for you, up to date and guarantees that when you are home, you are happy to be there. 


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