How to Zen-ify Your #WFH Space

By Emily Metzger – April 1, 2021

Working from home is more common than ever. While people either enjoy or dislike an at-home office, individuals can take advantage of their space by taking steps to create a unique work environment that best suits their mental well-being. To help you effectively utilize your workspace in a way that promotes a withstanding sense of serenity, the AFM team has gathered various ways to Zen-ify your work-from-home office. 


If you’ve noticed a buildup of clutter that has begun to slowly take over your desk, it might be time to delegate time from your day to organize. Implementing tidiness in your workspace will promote productivity due to less distractions. Also, by giving each office appliance a designated area within your desk, you will feel more inclined to consistently keep your home office clean. 


One might not assume lighting provides a significant impact on well-being, but do not be fooled! Having a workspace with adequate access to lighting, whether it be artificially through a desk lamp or naturally through a window, will ease the strain on both your eyes and your mind. In a study by Philips conducted at the City University London, researchers found that better-tailored lighting solutions enhanced both worker satisfaction and retention.


Beyond the pleasing aesthetic of having live plants at your workspace, they also provide many benefits that can aid in relieving stress. Since plants emit oxygen, their addition to your space will add fresh air and reduce your proximity to carbon dioxide, leading you to work with less tension and more ease knowing you have your own natural air filter right beside you. Make sure to assess which plants are suitable in your environment, because the only thing worse than not having plants at your workspace is having dead ones.


The addition of crystals to your home office can be one of the greatest ways to bring good energy to your desk. Many believe that crystals have the ability to remove negative energy and encourage you to focus on the positive. Crystals such as clear quartz, jasper, obsidian or amethyst have been known to possess healing qualities that could positively affect your mind during work. Marisa Galvez, a Stanford University professor, found that the fascination with crystals dates way back due to their unique qualities such as transparency and the ability to refract light. Even though they may appear as beautiful rocks, crystals have been used for countless years by all cultures because of their believed healing benefits that just might cure your overworked brain.

Tabletop Fountains

The benefits of sound therapy can promote a tranquil state for both your body and spirit. Adding a tabletop fountain to your workspace provides both the aesthetic of being a trendy home decor accent as well as an extremely calming sound device. You can find so many different fountains ranging in size, color and sound that perfectly fit your workspace. Hearing the therapeutic sound of water can help clear your mind so you can take on your workday with ease.

Essential Oil Diffuser 

If sound therapy is not your cup of tea, aromatherapy might be more up your alley. Beyond the pleasant smell, an essential oil diffuser at your desk can help boost your mood and improve your job quality and performance. There are so many varieties of diffusers that you can have fun with by trying new scents such as lavender, jasmine, lemon, eucalyptus and so many more. Essential oil diffusers can be a wonderful desk addition, bringing good vibes and good scents to your workspace. 

Less is More

A common cause of work stress is being unorganized, which can lead to anxiety and an unproductive day. In order to be less frustrated and stressed, you should follow the mantra, “less is more.” Having a work environment with few distractions and clutter keeps your creativity and productivity constantly flowing. While all these Zen-ifying tips might excite you, choose wisely which ones appeal most to you and remember to always keep open desk space.

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