Fit Finds for Your Small Fitness Space

By Emily Effren – April 1, 2021

Even after a year, we are all still in the ring and up against COVID-19. While some of us have mastered going to the grocery store sans anxiety and are accustomed to normal outings like restaurant dinners and shopping again, some of us are still wary of gym fitness. Over the last year, millions of people made the switch to getting in their daily sweat at home. This was seen in constant backorders of gym equipment and the spike in key stocks like Peloton Interactive, Apple, Nautilus and Lululemon Athletica. While it can take some time to curate all of the items on your workout wishlist, we’ve rounded up a few small ones to get you started and get the most bang for your buck (and are hopefully no longer on backorder):

A Trusty Bluetooth Speaker

Photo from Amazon.

You know that feeling when you’ve just guzzled down your preworkout, you walk into your gym space, ready for a great workout and … your music is missing, and playing it off of a phone speaker is simply not up to par. Think about investing in a bass-worthy bluetooth speaker to leave around your home gym so you’ll never have to worry about sub-par tunes again (pun intended). 

TRX Suspension Trainer System

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You’ve got your bodyweight to work with — why not use it? To attach, all you need is either a door frame, tree or any kind of structure to hang the straps on. With these, you can easily set them up in your home or apartment and use your own bodyweight to push or pull. Simply reposition your body to adjust the weight for a harder or easier set.

Booty Bands

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There’s resistance bands … and then there’s booty bands. If you think these are only for women, think again! This booty-blaster band will get you sweating after one set. These workout-specific bands are created with a thick, durable material, designed to take your leg workout up a notch. Thicker and wider than typical resistance bands, booty bands are great if you’re looking to build those glutes. 

Pilates Ring

Here’s another easily stowed away piece of equipment. Pilates rings can be used for leg, chest and arm workouts by simply pushing on the padded material on either side of the ring. Make sure your posture is correct, and know that slight changes can intensify your workout quickly!

Exercise Ball

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If you’re looking for a slow burner, try using an exercise ball like this one during your next workout. If you can walk out to your garage and pick up a basketball, that would suffice. However, exercise balls like this one come in different sizes and are specifically designed to be soft and graspable for movement that requires the ball to rest in between joints, if needed. Look up a yoga or pilates set with a ball, and hit the mat for a calorie-blasting workout.

Ankle/Wrist Weights 

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Gone are the days of ugly ankle weights. In 2021, you can find aesthetically-pleasing and chic ankle and wrist weights that come in a variety of colors. Up your daily exercise game with a few extra pounds around your ankles or wrists for a full-body walking workout. 

Multi-Weight Kettlebell

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Say goodbye to housing three to five kettlebells and say hello to one of the fitness industry’s latest (and coolest) pieces of workout gear: a multi-weighted kettlebell. This kettlebell by Bowflex can give you weight from eight pounds all the way to 40 with six different settings. Simply turn the knob to adjust to your desired kettlebell weight and get started with your set. 

Gliding Disks

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These disks may seem like a small, slim product with limited functionality, but don’t be fooled — these disks pack in a punch. If you’re completing your sweat sesh in a small space, these small disks are easy to store and work on both wood flooring and carpet. Simply purchase these, look up a free workout on YouTube and you’re all set! These disks can be used for almost any kind of workout including abs, balance, mobility, leg workouts and more. Warning: they are slippery! Get ready for a tough workout.


Courtesy of MOBO.

One part of fitness many often forget about? Mobility. With the MOBO MAX, you can work to release muscle tension and improve fascia health. Instead of finding spots for many mobility tools, simplify your mobility workout with one MOBO MAX that does it all: front hip, chest, trap, foot, glute, hamstring, calf, quad, head and neck release. Enhanced mobility is known to lower risk for injury in addition to improving posture — so it’s always a good idea to include a device like this in your routine. 


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