Discover: Local Dog-Walking Services

By Arielle Olfers – April 1, 2018

Power Plant Paws

Entrepreneurship runs in the Kozusko family, and nine-year-old Isla is no exception. Taking after her father Joseph Kozusko (co-founder, Skills Fund) and mother Laura Lee Kozusko (owner, Bar Method Austin), it’s no surprise that the entrepreneurial spirit came naturally. Heralded as a “dog whisperer” of sorts, Isla has become known in the downtown condo district for her uncanny ability to care for and love the neighborhood pet community—even those with special needs and distinctive personalities. 

In early 2017, Isla (in third grade at the time) began walking dogs in the Seaholm Power Plant district. She quickly became the most popular dog walker in the Seaholm Residences due to her natural ability with both people and pets along with her contagious smile. She’s since expanded her business to other downtown condos in the area. A few months later, Isla came up with her new venture’s name, Power Plant Paws, along with a logo, website, and business cards (all created herself). She marched around the area condo developments to let everyone know she was in business. 

Today, she babysits or walks four or more dogs per week, and her parents help out while she's at school. When Isla's not watching the pets of downtown Austin, you'll find her studying math or reading—her two favorite school subjects.


After almost a lifetime of volunteer work, adventure, and travel, Brian and Dominique decided to settle down in Austin to finally put down roots. After finishing up dog-walking certifications with Dogtec and safety training with Pet Tech, they opened up Pawstin in 2013. Today, with a staff of seven, they walk dogs all over Austin starting at $22 per walk. Cat-lovers don’t fret, Pawstin also provides litter box services, playtime, and cat taxi services to and from vet and grooming appointments. Prices range from $15–$25 per service. They use Pet Check Technology so that clients have access to email alerts and real-time GPS tracking of walks. 

My Dog Butler

This local pet care provider offers more than just walks and taxi services. My Dog Butler has three service levels for pet walks: a quick 20-minute potty break ($20), a 40-minute experience for the more active pup inclusive of a customized activity regimen ($25) and the excursion, a 60-minute adventure for high-energy pets needing a real workout ($34). Their client interface also provides direct, transparent engagement with each and every client inclusive of status updates and photos. Other services include vacation visits while you’re away allowing your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home ($50/day), overnight stays ($98/night) and cat visits ($20/visit). My Dog Butler is open 365 days per year and there is no extra charge for multiple pets. 


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