Get Moving with Texas’ Million Mile Month

By AFM – April 1, 2014

April is Million Mile Month here in Texas, a 30-day focus on collectively logging 1,000,000 miles of workouts throughout the state. This initiative is designed to help battle childhood obesity by encouraging Texans to get out and move toward a group goal.

How Do You Sign Up?
Go to and register.

Basic registration is free, and signing up makes you eligible for awards and prizes—everything from gift certificates to sports equipment. In addition, the premium registration (it costs some money and provides some extra functions) includes MMM swag, and your fees help support children’s health programs.

What’s in if for You?
The MMM program can help you start an exercise program and track improving fitness to build healthy lifestyle habits.

As the community reaches milestones (200,000 miles, for example), prizes, coupons, and perks from sponsors will be handed out to folks who have contributed with miles on their profiles.

What Do You Do?
Use the MMM website or mobile app to log the distance or time of your workouts. These workouts can be walks, runs, bike rides, swims—there’s a pull-down list of movements to choose from, and these are done at whatever pace and effort fits you. The key here is to get moving!

Are you on MapMyFitness? Your MMM can automatically be pulled into your MapMyFitness account.

What’s in it for Texas?
The MMM program will give you a fitness score by converting your miles into calories.

Employers can use the MMM to boost wellness programs, build teamwork, and reduce health care costs over time.

Families can move together to build healthier lives and develop a habit of fitness in children. According to the Centers for Disease Control, some 30 percent of Texas’ teens (grades 9–12) and 32 percent of children (ages 2–5) are overweight or obese, so modeling a healthy lifestyle at home is important for future fitness.

How Can AFM Help You?
Check out Coach Carrie’s beginning workout program at It’s got a variety of levels for people who are just stepping out into fitness. Remember—it’s all about movement, and every little bit helps!

Use MMM to help get ready for the AFM FITTEST on May 31–June 1. This event is for everyone—beginner to exercise enthusiast to hard core workout pro—who wants to get a reading on his or her basic physical fitness. Check out the tests at and look for Diane Vives’ Muscle Movement workouts to help you get ready.

AFM will be providing regular fitness tips for MMM participants throughout the month of April. Let’s get moving, Texas!


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