5 Hair Bands to Spice Up Your Pony

By Emily Metzger – October 7, 2020

If you’re looking to upgrade your hair-game without spending hundreds of dollars on a hair cut or dye, try reworking your accessories. Your friends at AFM have gathered a list of hair bands that go beyond the traditional black elastic, and will be sure to elevate your pony for any activity. 



Founded by the former professional volleyball player, Andrea Nucete, TIY is a customizable elastic that comes in an array of fun, vibrant colors. This Austin-based company’s mission is to empower both men and women to reach their full athletic potential, without having to worry about fixing their hair during their workout. 

These customizable length hair bands can be purchased on their website or on Amazon, with prices starting at $8 for the TIY Basic. However, we recommend the TIY Pro for $12.50 because the casing can cut the elastic and be clipped onto any gym bag or backpack. 

PRO Hair Tie 

Created upon the principle of not having to sacrifice chunks of hair to an elastic, PRO Hair Tie has a releasable clasp to prevent possible hair damage. The interchangeable size makes the product great for both thin and thick hair. In addition, you can choose from a long list of unique colors that even include a glow in the dark option.

These hair ties can be found on Amazon but they offer much more variety via their website. A single tie starts as low as $3. One pack, which includes eight ties, starts at $19.95. 



Established by Lindsay Muscato, she created TELETIES with the vision to finally have an aesthetically pleasing yet fully functional hair tie. Her company has partnered with FORCE, so every purchase makes a donation in support of those being affected by breast and ovarian cancer. 

These hair ties are arranged from sizes tiny, small and large, and have an endless list of styles. Some of their most popular ties at the moment are included in their fall and animal print collection, offered on Amazon, Walmart, and their website. Be sure to check out these trendy ties for a tiny pack of five at $8.99, a small pack of three at $7.99, and a large pack of three at $9.99. 


This female-owned accessory company was created in 2010 with the goal of elevating the look of an effortless style. They offer a multitude of hair products, with the hair coils being one of their most popular items. 

The hair coils come in a variety of designs and are offered at Amazon, Walmart, and their website. Their 8-pack of mini’s starts at $6 and their 8-pack of regular coils is $9. When it comes to hair coils, Kitsch is a great option if you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck. 



Photo from Blissy.com

Unlike the companies mentioned above, Blissy specializes in luxury silk pillowcases but has ventured into hair accessories. If you are looking to splurge, their silk hair scrunchies are a new fun take on a regular old scrunchie. 

Their 3-pack, coming in a variety of colors or tie-dye, begins at $49.95. These scrunchies can be found on their website and can add a dash of elegance to any new hairstyle you’ve been dying to try. 


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