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By Sponsored: The Vessel IV Bar ATX – September 11, 2020
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The medical field has an abundance of initials. From ADHD and CHF to PCOS, RA and RSD, medical diagnoses and treatments are a confusing alphabet soup of initials, which make people say, “No more. I’m done.” To make things as clear as possible at The Vessel IV Bar ATX, we’re breaking down three sets of initials, which are featured in some of our treatments: NAD, PEMF and CBD.

The first alphabet soup ingredient belongs to a coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD. This compound exists in every living cell and is crucial to the basic reactions that keep the body alive. NAD (also referred to as NAD+) is at the cutting edge of anti-aging medicine, with new insights constantly being identified. NAD+ is so important because it is a dominant force in the chemical reactions that turn sugar (glucose) into ATP, the cell’s energy source. Bottom line: If your cells don’t have NAD+, they cannot generate ATP for energy, and they die. Energy production at the cellular (micro) level translates into an energized feeling at the body (macro) level. So, NAD+ basically fuels your internal Energizer bunny.  

NAD+ is also important in functions like repairing damaged DNA and regulating gene expression. Many environmental factors impact cells’ NAD+ levels. For example, drinking more than one alcoholic beverage in a day decreases NAD+ levels in the brain and can increase inflammation. The Vessel IV Bar ATX offers a Vitality IV featuring NAD+, which can help kick- start mitochondria (the energy-producing powerhouses in the cells). As part of The Vessel’s anti-aging Vitality Protocol, a series of NAD+ infusions are combined with standard IV drips over a 10-to-14-day period, providing cellular rejuvenation and restoring optimal energy production.

Next is pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) technology. Since the 19th century, electromagnetic fields have been used for wellness applications, with extensive research support. Pretend your cells are batteries: daily stressors drain their energy over time, and in turn, they aren’t able to function optimally. When cells are depleted of energy, the body feels similarly exhausted. PEMF technology is a non-invasive procedure, which amplifies a natural energy source to “exercise” the cells to decrease dysfunction. The end result is that PEMF users often feel relaxed during a treatment session, more energized afterward and, overall, an improved sense of wellness. 

PEMF also has significant musculoskeletal benefits that include increasing blood flow in skeletal muscle. This increased blood flow provides more nutrients and a better exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide for a potential increase in energy production. Applying PEMF technology to joints in animal models has shown that it can protect joint cartilage and cartilage cells. The Vessel IV Bar ATX offers PEMF technology to clients who can opt to receive their IV cocktail while “pulsing” in one of our PEMF chairs. This combination enhances the delivery of micronutrients, as each pulse of PEMF energy briefly expands the cells, allowing for better penetration of vitamins, electrolytes, aminos and antioxidants, while simultaneously allowing more rapid release of toxins and waste from within the cell. Generalized body pulsing can be utilized for the entire drip, or clients have the option to have PEMF energy targeted to a painful joint for the second half of their drip.  

The final letters to cover belong to the well-recognized cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is one of more than 120 naturally occurring chemical compounds in cannabis and hemp plants called “cannabinoids”. CBD is not marijuana (or the THC that is responsible for marijuana’s psychotropic effects). CBD, which is not addictive and which does not give people the euphoric “high” associated with marijuana, is the primary chemical credited with the medicinal and healing properties of the cannabinoids. CBD is a natural analgesic for chronic pain, a strong anti-inflammatory agent and a gentle sleep aid, and it has been shown to be effective for treating conditions such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, addiction, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disorders, dementia and more. CBD derived from hemp can be extremely powerful while adhering to the legal limit of no more than 0.3% THC. 

CBD is so effective because our bodies are naturally wired for it. The human body’s endocannabinoid system is a system of receptors throughout the central nervous system, which affects physiological processes like pain, mood, memory and appetite. Endocannabinoid receptors discovered in the brain and central nervous system in the 1990s were found to control immune system functions and the body’s response to pain. The Vessel IV Bar ATX has partnered with Your CBD Store in Leander to provide oral, water-soluble CBD tinctures and gummies of varying strengths to address health and wellness concerns. 

The Vessel IV Bar ATX is committed to helping clients achieve their health and vitality goals through diverse approaches. The cellular energizer NAD+ is the highlight of our anti-aging Vitality Protocol, while non-invasive PEMF technology provides a natural punch of effectiveness in the delivery of IV micronutrients, with optional targeting of energy to painful joints. Finally, our oral CBD line of products enables at-home modulation of pain, improved sleep and decreased inflammation. We are looking forward to bringing these innovative wellness options to Central Texas.

*References obtained from and The ABCs of CBD by Shira Adler. Article written by Emeka Ofobike, Jr. MD, FAAOS, Co-Owner and Medical Director of The Vessel IV Bar ATX.


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