Anatomy of Barre

Bar Move demonstrations by Katie Dillingham and Nikki Jensen at The Bar Method Austin

photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

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This is a move that you’ll see a lot more of in Bar Move classes and is usually thrown in at the end of a seat exercise like Arabesque or Pretzel just when your muscles are feeling really fatigued. 

What it works: It targets multiple groups including yours Lats, Biceps, Glutes and Erector spinae, shaping your upper back, arms and seat muscles

Set up

Face the bar, kneel down in front of it and step forward with your left foot 
Place the ball of your left foot against the corner where the wall meets the floor. 
Slide your other leg behind you on the floor in a lunge position
Take the bar with your hands in a firm under-handed grip and bend your elbows downward
Curl your back toes under and lift your leg off the floor and pull your foot into your seat, bend your front knee over your ankle. 
Lift your chest and draw your shoulders down 


Pull your foot toward your seat, in a one-inch range of motion while gripping into your right glute

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