What I Wish I Knew Before Investing In My Personal Development Journey

By Margaux Helmholz – October 29, 2021

If you’re reading this, you know that large self-help companies are in the business of making money. I, myself, have gone through over a thousand hours of similar personal development programs and multi-level certification trainings in different healing modalities through these larger organizations. 

The tools and teachings I learned were centered around mental, emotional and energetic mastery and how that translates to the results we create in all areas of our life. Though when I began this journey of investing in my self-development at the age of 18, I was craving meaning, answers and solutions because I was coming from a lost, insecure and confused place. 

You may be thinking that’s a normal place to be and a solid reason to invest into some guidance, yet so many people going into these experiences with a lack of self-trust, confidence and inner guidance fall prey to deceitful, subconscious sales tactics and aggressive tribe and cult mentality. This is not the path to supported self-actualization; it’s a path to overspending thousands of dollars for answers that are already inside of you.

According to a report by Grand View Research, the personal development industry is projected to reach $56.6 billion by 2027. Why is the industry succeeding so greatly? Why do so many people continue to go back to these motivational, inspiring, life optimization events yet their lives don’t seem to change?

The truth is, these self-help experiences are intentionally designed to mirror a stimulating environment that is vastly different from your day-to-day home life. 

When you leave these intoxicatingly positive seminars, you’ll experience a major dopamine release that later withdraws and disappears (like a drug). This can equate to feeling as though you need to keep going back to the next event to create the same feeling (like addiction) versus seeking out seminars or programs that are purposely designed to support you in transforming your home environment to match that of a fully lit-up weekend seminar experience. This is possible when learned from aligned mentors and companies.

The myth of the personal development industry is that you don’t actually need them.

Moving forward in your journey

After my own experience, training, mentorship and conversations in the field, the solutions are becoming more clear. People want answers and solutions, and they want them fast. With so much data available constantly being streamed to us in all directions, the market is waking up to and slowly whispering about how to be self-sufficient and self-empowered individuals in exponentially shorter amounts of time. People are no longer buying into needing multiple month-long programs to get to an end result that is also achievable in half the amount of time and even through one program on its own. This is how I choose to work with my clients.

At the same time, when you are tuned in to your own personal power you can create anything you desire. You may then decide that a full-length, year-long process of multiple “next-level” personal development trainings is the path for you. I know many remarkable and skilled coaches who have chosen mastery in one area and do wonders for themselves. 

If this is you, then by all means follow your intuition. The point is to follow your intuition and not allow someone or something else to dictate what is best for you. Only you will know at your core if you listen. 

These are the things I wish I had been told when beginning the journey of investing in my own personal development. You can now make more conscious choices for yourself moving forward. The power resides within you, and we’re just touching on one area of life. The other areas of your life are just waiting to be explored with this newfound personal power and choice because that’s what it all comes down to — choice.

About the Author

Margaux Helmholz smiling at the camera.

Margaux Helmholz mentors soul lead, entrepreneurial rebels in their 20s and early 30s in the art of self-mastery so they can create their worldly goals and dream lifestyles in half the amount of time. She believes only when you become a master of yourself can you truly expand your capacity to serve the world. If you’re looking for in-depth support, she can be found and connected with on Instagram.


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