Va Spurs Va, in ATX!

By Katerina Cotroneo – April 6, 2023
All Photos Courtesy of Reginald Thomas II + San Antonio Spurs

The first regular season NBA game is to play at Moody center

“The Spurs will be Austin’s team” Says Brandon James, SVP of The Spurs. For years Austinites have complained that we have no NFL or NBA games to attend in our town, and the Spurs are here to solve that problem! “This expansion has been in the making for years,” says James. This team is full of young players who are grateful for the opportunity to be welcomed by the Austin community. It’s exciting on both ends, as locals have spotted players throughout “Spurs Week,” walking the streets and running into talented players who you may never get the chance to see otherwise. Though the San Antonio folks may be used to running into players at the grocery store, barber shop, or local bar for us Austin folks this is thrilling. “And were just scratching the surface” says James “were still a young team, we want people to get to know the players who are making a name for themselves”

Sochan Layup

I asked Brandon what this next season is going to be like for the Spurs?
“[they’re a] Young and talented team in development mode – we have high draft pick where were most likely selecting a top tier young player in a slew of incredible draft picks – this team they’re young, excited, they play hard, it can only get better from here” well said, James.

The spurs are so thrilled to be in Austin and have even thrown us Austin locals a “Spurs week” to show Austinites they’re eager to play here. The Spurs hosted pub crawls, watch parties, even hosting Monday coffee breakfast tacos, photo op’s and an upcoming Friday fan fest – Players and the Coyote mascot are hosting a party and celebration “Viva La Spurs” all free and open to the public!

What will it be like for the Spurs playing in Moody/ ATX for the first time in a regular season?
“This is the Full NBA experience coming to AUSTIN – fan activation not only in the stadium but all around it too- authentic San Antonio things AND Austin style things as well UNIQUE and un-replicable. The Inaugural games, if you will. Something you’re not going to want to miss.” Says James. “It’s going to be a full arena forsure”

  • April 6: Be a part of history as the Spurs host Portland at Moody Center at 7 p.m. for the first ever regular season NBA game in Austin
  • Enjoy music and food at Spurs Fan Fest on April 7th
  • Cheer on the Spurs as they host Minnesota at Moody Center at 3 p.m on the 8th
  • April 2 – April 8: Drop by “Casa de Spurs” at Native Hostel with photo ops, games and exclusive giveaways. The site will serve as the Spurs headquarters for the week
  • April 2 – April 8: Grab some swag from the Spurs Post-Up Merch Truck parked outside Casa de Spurs
  • Text SPURSWEEK to 210-444-5050 for the daily rundown. For a full schedule of events, or visit

What does Brandon James do for the Spurs/ how long has he done it ?
11 years, (10 seasons) as the team attorney, James is responsible for overseeing the business strategy for Spurs Sports & Entertainment, overseeing strategic growth, as south as Mexico as north as Austin. How are we growing and being sustainable? Is Brandon’s constant thought process he started on the sporting side negotiating etc. and then moved to the business side – He works and lives in Austin and absolutely loves the city.

Sochan & Coyote in ATX

What is the purpose of Spurs week?
“Between the two games around 30,000 people will get to experience the games, but we wanted to make sure EVERYONE gets to experience the Spurs.” Says James “Making the team accessible for those that can’t come to the game- to come have fun and experience the Spurs, firsthand for themselves.”

James says you can expect the Spurs to come back to Moody next season as for this last season and this year the Spurs wanted to give UT men’s basketball (who they have a close relationship with) the respect and space to enjoy their first season in the Moody stadium. However they’re unsure when in the season or how many times they will play in Austin next season, at this time. However he will keep us updated and once the schedule comes out be sure to buy your tickets Austin, as these games are a BLAST. The perfect date night, family night, GNO, or really anything these games are a great time. You also never know who you’ll run into at these games…lots of celebs and influencers love a good NBA game, as we know.

Sochan Layup

Exciting stuff for us ATX Spurs fans, as the #1 majority of sports fans in Austin ARE Spurs fans. The Moody is opening up all the seats available they have and you are able to buy tickets on James reiterated “We as an organization are so appreciative and so grateful to how welcoming the city of Austin has been to us” though they may be called the San Antonio Spurs, I think it’s safe to say, we’re happy to cheer them on and share the game roster here in the 512! We are after all, from the same proud State! Va Spurs Va!

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