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By Sponsored: Greenbelt Outdoors – June 10, 2021
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(Pictured above: Adventure Crate by Greenbelt Outdoors)

Texas residents and tourists are looking for a quick and convenient way to truly experience Texas’ outdoors, without the hassle of time-consuming lines or losing valuable daytime and vacationing to a lengthy onboarding and raft rental process. 

Whether residents are taking a break from work, a weekend excursion, or planning a group outing, the current alternatives for watercraft rentals make planning and executing those outdoor activities time-consuming and disruptive to other obligations to plan around. Residents and tourists need a better solution to make it quick and easy to enjoy all the nature that Texas has to offer.

In addition to the time demands, traditional water recreation gear and the options supplied by the competition are extremely bulky and heavy, making it very difficult for the average consumer to transport without already owning the necessary and expensive equipment. 

Our Solution

Greenbelt Outdoors has created Adventure Crate. Our self-service kayak, packraft and paddleboard rental kiosk eliminates the lines and allows renters to get on the water faster. This is the first self-service solution that uses smart-locker technology, access codes, and timestamps to give the user the freedom to experience Texas on their own schedule, with minimal downtime, and easy-to-transport gear. With these premium inflatables, renters are no longer restricted to one area or excursion where the rentals are located; consumers can take the gear wherever they want within the booking period. Open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Greenbelt still provides local guide resources and favorite spots to explore so users don’t have to know the area or have an expert leading them to explore and have a great time. Check out our Self-Guided Tours here!

Lastly, with our offering focused on premium brand paddleboards, kayaks and packrafts, we allow prospective buyers to test the best gear on the market via rental and excursion of their choosing before purchasing the gear through our e-retail shop and feel completely comfortable with their purchase. 

Every one of our competitors use gear that is more traditional in terms of hard (non-inflatable) kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddleboards with rentals intended to be used within a certain proximity to the rental location on Lady Bird Lake. Adventure Crate is the only solution of portable crafts and self-service in the area and allows our customers to travel and use our products anywhere and return them within the reserved time. The extreme portability of our products allows all users, whether hiking, biking, or driving in, to move or change location without the need for big equipment or a truck. Additionally, our offering is not limited to traditional crafts, we have available all-around, two-person, fishing, 6-person, touring, racing, dog-friendly, and yoga-type paddleboards, kayaks and packrafts.  

Who are we?

At Greenbelt Outdoors, we are a Veteran-owned company offering top-quality adventure and outdoor gear while providing premier customer service around the clock in Austin, TX. From overlanding and camping to paddleboarding, packrafting, and kayaking,

With over 30 years of experiencing adventure across many interests and a deep commitment to research and product testing, we have identified the best products and services to offer our customers. We’ve spent years doing everything from winning ski contests and snowboarding around the world to kayaking, paddleboarding (SUP), packrafting, hiking and mountain biking from New England to the Florida coast to the Texas Hill Country. We’ve tried most of the gear on the market and have fine-tuned our dealer selection to accommodate the best premium gear available while also making a concerted effort to support local and small businesses.

In our experience, it’s the passionate adventurer who innovates and solves the most problems by design, so we also want to be the marketplace for “mom and pop” outdoor brands and strive to work closely with small, local producers and start-up innovators.

Our continued success as a small company utilizing automation has been proven through our google maps reviews of 53 Five Star Reviews and counting in less than 10 months.

Our Product Offerings

We partnered with the best small brands in the industry who are dependable and pushing innovation in the industry of outdoor recreation. We wanted to offer premium gear that is dependable across all disciplines so you can have confidence in your adventure wherever you take it.  Now you can try the best options in the market before you buy at the same price as the other water rental competitors. 

We’ve partnered with SOL Paddleboards out of Telluride, CO offering premium SUPs with the only 5-year warranty in the industry.  ATOLL Board Co. is an innovative brand targeting the average SUPer with a premium all-around paddleboard. Kokopelli is a leading packraft manufacturer with very durable and portable packrafts and kayaks. We have singles, doubles and whitewater. Lastly, we have Astral Designs. This partnership enables us to provide the best PFDs (life preservers) on the market for various disciplines. 

The Future

We are working closely with the Texas State Parks and LCRA to push these kiosks across the state and beyond to provide the outdoor community the best gear at your favorite parks. Follow us @greenbeltoutdoors and for the latest videos, reviews, and upcoming events. Also, follow us at our Facebook and Texas Packrafting group for future meetups. Our Kiosk is located here. We are accredited with an A rating by the Better Business Bureau.


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